Skydive Langar Team Profiles - 4mula
2017 sees Langar-sponsored 4way Formation Skydiving team 4mula heading into the season aiming big – they want the British National crown, and that prized slot at next year's World Meet in Gold Coast, Australia.
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Tips to improve your canopy flight
Canopy flight is a lot like summer football mania. Some people absolutely love it, and can’t get enough, whilst others just want it to be over as quick as possible. Whichever camp you fall into, here are some simple tips to help improve your experience under canopy and keep everyone safe!
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Top Tips for Tandem Skydiving
So you’re booked on a tandem skydive, the day is approaching and the nerves are building. Here are some top tips for making your experience one to remember - for all the right reasons!
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What is AFF and is it for me?
Are you thinking of learning to skydive, but you're unsure how to go about it? Here's the lowdown on the Accelerated Freefall training system.
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Langar Airfield - A Brief History
A history of Langar airfield, from construction in 1942, RAF and USAAF use throughout the war, and RCAF use post-war.
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Raising money for the Nottingham Hospitals Charity
​Yesterday we had the pleasure of jumping with the Chief Nurse of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust. Mandie has been raising money for the Nottingham Hospitals Charity and has done an awesome job of raising over £1000!
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AFF Skydiving training completed
​Congratulations to Alice Gomm who has been making the most of some beautiful winter weather to complete her AFF skydiving training today!
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​Did you know Skydive Langar has a display team?
​Did you know Skydive Langar has a display team? The display team consists of National Champions, National medal holders, current members of the National teams and both World and National record holders, with a combined total jump numbers of over 30,000 skydives between them, all flying high performance parachutes with expert skill.
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