Skydiving as a University Student: Sara Anderson's Story
Starting university comes with its fair share of challenges. Like for example, learning how to cook (finally) or figuring out how the washing machine works. But for some of us, these challenges just aren’t enough. So we learn how to do something even better – skydiving anyone?
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Skydive Langar is officially the place to be in 2017!
We think Skydive Langar is one of the best places in the world to experience our incredible sport - but don't just take our word for it! We're featured on a list of the top 10 dropzones in Europe.
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Skydive Langar Team Profiles - Angry Birds Wingsuit Team
The ‘Angry Birds Wingsuit Team’ is an acrobatic wingsuit team, consisting of Jonathan Charles and Ellie Marshall as performers and Ollie Ellis as the camera flyer. The team was founded in late 2016, with combined aims of wanting to push the boundaries of acrobatic wingsuit flying, to encourage participation in wingsuiting and to hopefully win a couple of medals along the way!
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Skydiver Profiles - Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver (no, not that one) is the drummer for long-standing punk band U.K. Subs. He's a regular face around Skydive Langar after completing his AFF course with us in 2016. Here he is talking to us about what made him take the leap...
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6 Way FS Competition
​On the 1st and 2nd of April FS team Chimera will be running a 6 way FS competition here at Skydive Langar. To give you a head-start, we're publishing the 6 way FS divepool so you can see what lies in store.
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2017 is shaping up to be a busy year!
​Skydive Langar is the place to be this coming season! If you’re into formation skydiving, freeflying, wingsuiting, or developing your canopy skills we have you covered. There will be events for everyone, ranging from high level skills camps to low level walk up groups. Here is a small selection of what we have in store...
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Skydive Langar Team Profiles - Chimera
Skydive Langar sponsored team Chimera begin their second year together in 2017 - read more about the team and what they're planning for 2017...
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