Tandem Skydiving – FAQs

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Excited tandem skydiver

Summer is on its way, and the phone in the Skydive Langar office has been ringing off the hook with bookings and questions! Here are a few commonly asked questions that might help so you can book your jump on our website. If there’s anything left unanswered, don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook, email, or give us a call! What time will I be jumping? … Read More

Buying your first gear

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AFF Level 1 Skydive

You’ve just qualified and gained your BPA A Licence. Well done! The good news is that jump tickets get a whole load cheaper, the bad news is that you’ll have to shell out for some kit. This can be a daunting process, there are a lot of options from a lot of different manufacturers, so here’s some guidance to getting on the kit ladder. Manufacturer suggestions … Read More