3 Way FS Dive Pool

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3 way formation skydive

The recent changes to FS1 mean that 2 and 3 way formation skydives are becoming much more commonplace as people build their experience and confidence ahead of achieving their 4 way endorsement.

But did you know that even before the changes, which were brought in by British Skydiving in February 2022, 2 and 3 way jumps and even 3 way competitions were popular in helping people to develop their FS agility and smash out even more points (some would argue twice as many!) as a 4 way.

Whether you’re a lower experience FS jumper looking to learn new skills in FS, an experienced FS jumper looking for a fun way to hone your skills and become more agile, or just someone looking for some fun ideas to try with your buddies, the 3 way dive pool below is for you!

Thank you to Pete Harries for drawing them for us.