4 Way Formation Skydiving (FS) Dive Pool

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Fancy trying your hand at 4 way FS? Whether you’re in a team getting ready to compete, or just having some fun with friends, the 4 way dive pool gives you loads formation skydives to try.

You can find the full dive pool, drawn by Pete Harries and checked for accuracy by FS judge Lucy Westgarth, here (last updated May 2022):

4 way randoms

4 way randoms are static formations. That means there are no moves as part of them. You simply build the shape as shown, and that’s it.

Randoms are a key part of 4 way and are common across all categories of 4 way competition – meaning you’ll do randoms whether you’re in Rookie, A, AA or AAA.

4 way blocks

4 way blocks are dynamic formations that require you to make a specific move from one formation to another (or back to the same one).

The pictures therefore show a starting formation, an ‘inter’ and a finishing formation (sometimes the same as the starting one). You need to complete the move as stated, taking note of any directional requirements laid out.

4 way slots

The different colours of people on the dive pool denote the different slots that we tend to fly in competitive 4 way.

  • Red = Point
  • Green = Outside Centre
  • Blue = Inside Centre
  • Yellow = Tail

The main differences in the slots lies in the way they exit the aircraft, and this is worth considering if you’re choosing which slot to fly in a team. There are also characteristics to each slot that are worth being aware of, such as the tendency for Point to be outfacing or the solo flyer on some block moves, and for Inside Centre to primarily take charge of the pacing of the jump.

You can learn more about the nuances of all of the slots, as well as tips on how to put together a team, written by our sponsored team Chimera here:

Tips for Putting Together a 4 Way Team