Bingham Cub Scouts Visit Skydive Langar

Laura HamptonUncategorised

Cubs looking at Aircraft

Cub Scouts from Bingham have been enjoying a glimpse into skydiving life, with a special event hosted by Skydive Langar.

We invited the Cubs, who ranged from 8 to 10 years of age, to come and learn more about skydiving, as the skills and behaviours we use in our sport mirror many of the values of the Scouts. We had a lot of fun walking 8 way dives with them, introducing them to the aircraft and watching the landing canopies while discussing how parachutes work.

Cub Scout Leader Rob West shared this lovely quote with us after the event:

“The skydive centre is a unique part of our local community so the Cubs were excited to learn more about the sport and meet some of the people who do it.

“The skydivers were really friendly and welcoming and did a great job of getting the kids involved – they even taught them some of the skydiving formations they do themselves up in the air!

“It’s always good for the Cubs to interact with different people and to learn about new and exciting things. We’re very grateful to the Skydive Langar staff for making this happen.”

We really enjoy supporting the local community, through events like this and lots more. We encourage our visiting skydivers to use the local facilities such as pubs, restaurants and accommodation, and also welcome local residents to enjoy our on site facilities such as our cafe (open 7 days a week) and outdoor picnic area.

Richard Wheatley is the Chief Instructor at Skydive Langar. He explained why we decided to host the Cubs event:

“Many of us at Skydive Langar remember being part of the Cubs ourselves and we were honoured to be approached by the Cubs leaders to introduce the children to our sport.

“We’re very proud to be part of the local community and appreciate the opportunity to welcome anyone who wants to learn more about what we do. Our Café is open to the public and we have new picnic benches in our spectator area where members of the local community can come and sit to enjoy the nice weather and watch our parachutists as they come in to land.”

Skydive Langar opened in 1977 and was originally intended for use by the RAF as a base during the war (read more about our history here). Today, we do more than 30,000 skydives every year, including 2500 tandem and charity jumps, 200 university skydivers from the local area, and 200 brand new skydivers learning to jump.