What is a skydiving multiplane jump?

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multiplane skydive

As the summer season approaches, we’re excited to host a wide array of events, including a number of skydiving multi-plane jumps. But what does this mean… and how can experienced skydivers get involved? In short, a skydiving multiplane jump is a jump which involves multiple planes. This allows us to have more people in the sky and to make bigger formations. In recent years, this has … Read More

Winter Webinar: Matt Cumming – Becoming a Skydiving Champion

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matt cumming winter webinar

Multiple time 4 way FS medallist and 8 way FS national champion Matt Cumming shares his journey from new skydiver to representing his country at the World Championships. In this Winter Webinar, he talks about how he became a competitive skydive, what competition in skydiving means to him and why his aspired to make it to the world stage. He also gives his tips and advice … Read More

Winter Webinar: Dieter Kirsch – Getting Onto FS Bigway World Records

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winter webinar dieter kirsch

World renowned bigway load organiser and world record organiser Dieter Kirsch joined us for a Winter Webinar where he explained how bigway works, how organisers plan the dives and, most importantly, how YOU can get involved. Find out what he looks for when choosing world record participants, how he suggests you can upskill yourself ready for bigway, plus other tips and advice to help you on … Read More

Skydivers set new British formation skydiving record at Skydive Langar

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Skydivers at Langar set a new British record this week for the biggest ever sequential formation dive to take place in the UK – and then broke their own record two jumps later. 41 jumpers combined to create two consecutive shapes in the sky – the largest number of Brits ever to do so. Two jumps later, they formed three consecutive formations and in doing so, … Read More

4 Way Tips from Chimera

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Guest post from Chimera 4 Way Formation Skydiving Team, the current reigning 4 way champions Thank you all for attending the Chimera Scrambles at Skydive Langar. We loved organising it and hope you had a good weekend. We have gathered some general tips and advice based on what we saw at the Scrambles and hope you’ll find all of this useful. Exits In four way, it’s … Read More

3 Way FS Dive Pool

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3 way formation skydive

The recent changes to FS1 mean that 2 and 3 way formation skydives are becoming much more commonplace as people build their experience and confidence ahead of achieving their 4 way endorsement. But did you know that even before the changes, which were brought in by British Skydiving in February 2022, 2 and 3 way jumps and even 3 way competitions were popular in helping people … Read More

Sky Games 2022: 20 Way Formations

Laura HamptonFormation Skydiving

The Sky Games are back for 2022 and this time our formations are even more challenging! We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible, using the skills of some of Langar’s best FS jumpers to make it happen! And we’re sharing all of the formations here, should anyone want to use them for inspiration, or to flat out copy them from us. If you do use … Read More

4 Way Formation Skydiving (FS) Dive Pool

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Fancy trying your hand at 4 way FS? Whether you’re in a team getting ready to compete, or just having some fun with friends, the 4 way dive pool gives you loads formation skydives to try. You can find the full dive pool, drawn by Pete Harries and checked for accuracy by FS judge Lucy Westgarth, here (last updated May 2022): 4 way randoms 4 way … Read More

What’s New with FS1?

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British Skydiving has changed the way we award FS1 (the qualification needed to jump with other people, usually obtained just after A licence). The change to the rules is a fairly simple one but it does have a knock on effect to the way we award the qualification – and what you can subsequently do in the sky – so the purpose of this post is … Read More

UPT Sky Games 2021: 20 Way Formation Skydives

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We’re very excited to be hosting the first ever UPT Sky Games during Boogie 2. Having watched events like the Arizona Challenge and the Power Games in awe, we wanted to create something of our own to push the boundaries of bigway skydiving, and to have a lot of Boogie fun! The event is invitational and is being run by Chimera with support from UPT. The … Read More

Thinking about Nationals? Tips for putting together a last minute 4 way team…

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The British Skydiving National Championships are just around the corner. Whether you have a team ready, or you’re thinking about whether or not to throw one together, this blog post is for you! Skydive Langar proudly sponsors Chimera, the top ranked open FS team in the UK, and Chimera have put together all their advice for FS jumpers in the run up to Nationals here. Tips … Read More

Langar Zoogie!

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langar zoogie

Lockdown regulations may have kept us at home for a while, but that didn’t stop us bringing together a few hundred of our skydiving friends for an all day (and all night!) online Boogie – the Zoogie! Check out all the videos from the day, plus some extra resources, here: Ally Milne: A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Tracking Ally has been skydiving and instructing … Read More

Chimera Book of Bigway Skydiving Formations

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Are you looking for inspiration for your next bigway skydive? Perhaps you’re load organising and in need of some new ideas? Or just jumping with your friends and want something new to do? Bigway skydiving is so much fun, but working out which formations to build and how to transition between them can be tough. Even if you’re the most experienced bigway organiser, sometimes you just … Read More

4 Way Tips: From FS1 to The Podium, by Chimera

Laura HamptonFormation Skydiving

4 way formation skydiving is one of the most popular ways to get into competing in our sport. Combining speed with technical detail and flowing performance, 4 way is accessible to anyone from the point you gain your FS1 qualification. Recently, I hosted a live webinar for Skydive Langar where I shared my tips for 4 way FS, based on my experience as a 4 way … Read More

Formation Skydiving: How to Become an FS Jumper

Skydive LangarFormation Skydiving

Formation skydiving is one of the most popular disciplines in modern skydiving. That’s because it’s the first one you’ll learn after gaining your A licence, and the one which gives you the skills and ability to jump with others. And, after all, sharing the sky with your friends is what this is all about! Here, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to gain your … Read More