Chimera Book of Bigway Skydiving Formations

Laura HamptonExperienced Skydivers, Formation Skydiving

Are you looking for inspiration for your next bigway skydive? Perhaps you’re load organising and in need of some new ideas? Or just jumping with your friends and want something new to do?

Bigway skydiving is so much fun, but working out which formations to build and how to transition between them can be tough. Even if you’re the most experienced bigway organiser, sometimes you just need some added inspiration. That’s why our sponsored team Chimera have put together the Chimera Bigway Book, full of bigway formations for you to use.

You can access the full PDF of the Chimera Bigway Book here

Who can use the Bigway Book?

The Bigway Book can be accessed for free by anyone looking for a bit of guidance for their next group jump. It’s a simple PDF document, so just click this link to view it easily on your phone or laptop while you plan your next jump.

Providing you’ve got your FS1 and have built up your experience, you can jump with your friends. Often, there are load organisers available who can help you plan the shapes you’ll make – but even the most experienced LOs could use some new creativity from time to time!

The Bigway Book includes skydive formation ideas for groups of 5 people plus. You’ll find:

  • Static formations – think funky patterns and pretty shapes, perfect for the camera
  • Bigway blocks – break those static formations into groups and pieces for more interesting and challenging dives
  • Tips for load organisers – you’ll find advice on where to place yourself and how to structure your dive depending on the experience level of your fellow jumpers

The brains behind the Bigway Book

The Bigway Book has been created by Skydive Langar’s sponsored team, Chimera. As one of the UK’s leading formation skydiving teams, Chimera has over 10,000 combined skydives and are themselves regular load organisers for Langar’s jumpers. They also enjoy bigway events around the world.

To create this book, they also sought advice from other bigway jumpers and load organisers to better understand the challenges they face and to gather their tips and advice, all of which are included in this book.

Check out the Bigway Book now

The Bigway Book is absolutely free to access as a PDF here:

Check out the Bigway Book now

You’ll also find printed copies of the Bigway Book on the drop zone for your use.

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