Does your first skydive have to be a Tandem?

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Tandem skydive over nottingham

The most common start to a licenced skydiver’s journey is with a tandem skydive thinking it would be a one off then they end up loving it so much they go on to become licensed skydivers themselves. A Tandem Skydive is where you are harnessed to the front of a fully qualified tandem skydive instructor jumping from 14000ft. Experiencing adrenaline packed freefall reaching 120mph, followed by flying around gently to the ground under the parachute.

The main reasons people choose tandems for their first skydives are:

  • Simplicity: A tandem skydive requires only a short 15 or so minutes brief, then an experienced instructor operates the equipment and makes sure you land in the right place.
  • Experience: Many first time skydivers want to experience skydiving whilst committing only a relatively small amount of time and money. A Tandem Skydive is perfect for this.

That said, we also welcome lots of first time jumpers who are keen to experience skydiving in other ways.

Tandem skydive over nottingham
Tandem Skydive

What are the options?

If you want a taster of skydiving, your best option is a Tandem. You’ll be connected to an instructor who will deploy the parachute for you.

If you want to skydive solo you can choose form an Accelerated Freefall course (AFF) or a Static Line parachute jump. On an AFF course you’ll deploy your own parachute after freefalling for 50 seconds from 14000 feet! On a Static Line course the parachute is deployed automatically as you jump out the aircraft.

AFF first skydive
AFF Course – Student in middle with instructor either side

It fairly common for skydivers to start off going straight into doing a Static line or AFF course, learning to skydive on their first jump without having done a Tandem at all.

Both of these routes are different in how they progress but followed by your dedication and hard work results in you becoming a qualified licensed skydiver. AFF is best for those looking to learn and progress quickly where you can qualify in just 18 jumps! This course you pay for in a one off payment at the start of your learning. Static line is best for those looking to learn, progress in stages and pay per jump.

The best choice for you

Skydiving is an experience, but it doesn’t have to be once in a lifetime, that’s up to you. It’s important you choose the first jump option that’s right for you. Thousands of people from across the United Kingdom choose Skydive Langar to experience a Tandem Skydive or begin their learning to skydive journey every year. To summarise:

  • Tandem skydiving: best for one time only jumpers / an experience day
  • AFF skydiving: best for those looking to learn to skydive and progress quickly
  • Static line: best for those looking to learn to skydive over a longer period

If you’d like to now more about any of the options available for you first skydive get in touch or book online.