Buying Jump Tickets and Manifesting

Buying jump tickets and manifesting at Langar are both super easy. Here’s how!

Buying jump tickets - Burble

We use Burble, which is a well known and globally recognised drop zone management system. Put simply, it allows you to manage your skydiving through an app and for us at Langar, it’s the system we use to manage your account balance and manifesting.

To buy tickets, you need to:

  • Visit our ticket window, situated next to manifest
  • Choose how much money you’d like to add to your account; you can purchase jumps, kit hire or blocks of jump tickets (and there’s a discount for the latter - see our Prices page)
  • You can now see your account balance on your Burble app

You must have money on your account before you can manifest.


To manifest, you need to:

  • Visit the manifest window, situated next to the ticketing window
  • Choose which lift you’d like to join - our manifesters can tell you the wait times and available aircraft
  • Wait for your lift by keeping an eye on the Burble screens - there are lots of these around the drop zone

The Burble screens are there to show you the time left, in minutes, before your aircraft will take off.

Typically, people start getting ready with 20 minutes left, but please remember that this time is a take off time and you will therefore need to also factor in time to get your flight line checks and, if we’re meeting the plane on the runway, to ride the bus out to the emplaning point.