Checkout Jumps / Currency Courses

Checkout jumps are part of what we call currency courses. These are for qualified skydivers who have not jumped for a while and need a refresh of their knowledge and skills.

That includes:

  • A licence skydivers who haven't jumped for a number of months may need a checkout jump
  • Licenced skydivers who haven't jumped for a couple of years may need a refresh course*
  • Skydivers who have qualified recently under a different system, such as USPA, may need a checkout jump

If you fit any of the above criteria**, book a currency course here now:

Book a currency course - £225

* If you have not jumped for more than two years, please contact the office before booking

**The rules around currency courses aren't hard and fast but remember, it's about more than just 'ticking a box' - it's about ensuring you feel, and are, safe on your skydives. If you're not sure about what you need, contact us to chat with one of our highly experienced instructors.


What to expect from a currency course

A currency course is a full day - half a day in the classroom, the other half a day in the sky. The purpose of a currency course is to ensure your knowledge is complete in the classroom and that your skills are there on your jumps.

Your currency course includes:

  • An initial audit to understand what knowledge you have retained and where any gaps may lie
  • A half day ground school, where we will cover all key aspects of skydiving safety and skill, emphasising any gaps identified in the initial audit
  • An examination, assessing your knowledge
  • A checkout jump(s) with an instructor to assess your flying skills and safety, emphasising control, altitude awareness and safety

The currency course needs to be booked in advance to ensure instructor availability. There will be up to 6 students per currency course. Once you have completed your currency course and been signed off by your instructor, you can jump solo or take advantage of our on-site team of coaches to build on your skills.

Not sure what you need?

If you're not sure what you need, don't worry! We're here to help. Contact us to speak to one of our team of instructors about your specific needs.