Progression School at Skydive Langar

Our Progression School exists to make better coaching accesible to everyone. It does this by:

  • Helping people to achieve their coach ratings and rewarding currency and experience
  • Signposting students toward coaches through events like Progression Weekend
  • Supporting ongoing post-sticker progression through intermediate and advanced events

The Progression School has a number of benefits for our jumpers:

  • For those seeking coaching, it makes the highest standard of coaching accessible, giving you the confidence that any coach you work with has been evaluated and approved by the Progression School
  • For those who aspire to become a coach, it makes the criteria for doing so transparent and attainable, supporting you on your journey to achieving your coach rating
  • For those who are coaches, it recognises the immense value you bring to our community by rewarding currency and experience

Accessing Coaching at Langar

Progression Weekends

Every second weekend of the month is Progression Weekend and this means we have a higher than usual number of coaches available to support you with progression toward FS1, FF1, TR1 and TR2. To participate, visit our Facebook page, find the next Progression Weekend event and use the registration form within the event. You will receive notification in advance of the weekend to introduce you to your coach or if no coach is available to you. Coaches are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guarenteed.

Langar Skydivers on Facebook

Outside of Progression Weekends, the best way to pre-arrange a coach is to post on our Facebook group 'Langar Skydivers'. Available coaches will do their best to respond to your request here.

Ad-hoc Coaching

Many of our coaches are on our staff or regularly around the drop zone. If you are seeking coaching when at the drop zone, feel free to enquire at Manifest as to whether there are any coaches available and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Being a Coach / Load Organiser at Langar

The Coaches' Handbook is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about coaching at Skydive Langar, from how to gain your coaching rating to the benefits of Progression School to load organising and events. Find our Coaches' Handbook here, which includes links to other helpful resources too.

We love to welcome new coaches and load organisers here at Langar and thanks to our Skydive Langar Progression School, we are able to offer a range of benefits in return. If you'd like to become a coach or load organiser, or you already are one and want to do more jumping here, please contact our Progression Lead Laura Hampton on