How to get the most out of your tandem skydive video

Skydive LangarTandem skydive

Many tandem skydivers choose to add the skydive video and photo package to their jump – and it’s easy to see why! Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or the start of a new and incredible journey, having your skydive captured on video and photos means you can treasure – and share – the memories forever.

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your tandem skydive video.

1. Good skydives make good videos

It sounds simple but the best way to get an awesome video of any skydive is to do a good skydive!

Your tandem skydive experience starts with a brief from one of our expert team of tandem instructors. They will talk you through everything you need to know, include how to adopt the correct body position for exit and in freefall.

Follow your brief and do it well, and your video will look lots better as a result.

Tandem skydive exit over Langar

2. Keep your head up… and smile!

Your camera flyer will fly just in front and a little below you – you can easily see them in freefall.

If you can, keeping your head up will ensure they’re able to get some great shots of your face (and not just the top of your head). Smiling may sound tricky when you’re falling at speeds upwards of 120mph, but it can be done – and we’re pretty sure you’ll be doing it naturally as soon as you get your first taste of our incredible sport.

3. Strike a pose… but don’t cover your face

While we certainly don’t want you to move around too much in freefall, you are welcome to wave at your camera flyer, give them a thumbs up or, as many tandems do, make a heart shape with your hands – it looks very cute.

Try not to cover your face with any of your hand gestures, though. We like to see your faces during your jump and it makes for much better footage for you, too (after all, we don’t want anyone suggesting you used a stunt double!).

tandem skydive photo langar
Tandem skydive over Langar

You can add a video and photo package to your tandem skydive when you book, at another date before you jump or, subject to availability, on the day. However, availability is limited for on the day bookings so if you can, book in advance – you can still wait to pay until the day of your jump.

Find out more about skydive video and photo packages here, and book your tandem skydive here.