High Performance Landing Area

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High Performance Landing – Any landing where speed is deliberately increased for landing.

PLA – Parachute Landing Area – A suitable area where it is intended parachutists will land.

HPLA – A landing area reserved for parachutists intending to do a final turn greater than 90°

Why have a HPLA?

High performance landing areas keep traffic predictable. Skydivers who have declared a landing in the HPLA can be expected to do a final turn greater than 90°. Skydivers landing in the standard landing area can be expected to do a final turn less than 90°.

Predictable traffic reduces the risk of canopy collisions.

Having an area on the ground where faster traffic can be expected also reduces the risk of collisions in the landing area itself.

It’s important to facilitate high performance landings at our dropzone to encourage top level canopy pilots and coaches to jump here. This keeps the knowledge level high and improves the canopy piloting of all skydivers at Skydive Langar.

Landing Direction Indicators

For a long time we have used a wind sock to indicate landing direction. This can create confusion on changeable days and additional risk as skydivers chase the windsock for an 100% into wind landing. It is safer for everyone to land in one direction even if it’s slightly off the wind line.

For this reason we will have the arrow out permanently from 2023. The arrow will be the landing direction indicator regardless of the windsock. Students will be taught this from groundschool.

The arrow is shown as yellow below.

HPLA Indicators

We have a coloured strip available to indicate the HPLA in use. It will be placed next to the arrow if the wind conditions don’t allow the arrow to clearly indicate the HPLA in use.

The coloured strip is shown as orange in the below diagram.

Predominantly EAST and WEST Landings – Landing Area
Predominantly NORTH and SOUTH Landings – Landing Area

Warning Areas

In the past couple seasons we have found the “Beer Line”, the area shown in red, has become less of a deterrent than it was in the past. Landing over the beer line (in the red area) without good reason, may result in being stopped from jumping for the day or a yellow card. Landing in a yellow warning area or HPLA without good reason may result in a yellow card.

Skydiver Responsibilities

All skydivers have a responsibility to:

  • Land in the correct area. If planning to do a final turn greater than 90° you must be in the HPLA. If planning to do a final turn of 90° or less you should be in the standard PLA.
  • Be predictable.
  • Land in the agreed direction where safe to do so.
  • Ensure clear airspace before starting any manoeuvre. Being in the HPLA does not ensure clear airspace.