Planning your skydiving calendar

Skydive LangarExperienced Skydivers

The skydiving season is in full swing and here at Langar, that means a calendar full of events – with multiple events pretty much every weekend!

So, with so much going on, how can you pick the right events for you? Check out our guide to experienced skydiver events below.

Not yet an experienced skydiver? Start your journey with us; find out about our learn-to-skydive courses here.

Choosing an event based on goals

One way to choose from our events is to consider your own goals – what do you want to get out of it?

Speaking very simply, there are two main reasons you might choose to participate:

  1. To learn new skills
  2. To practice existing skills

If the opportunity to learn new skills is important to you, you can choose from beginner level events or skills camps in your chosen discipline.

If you’re looking to practice existing skills, you might be better suited to the intermediate and advanced level events.

To help you with this, most of our events are marked as beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Plus, of course, having fun is a given on all of our events!

Choosing an event based on discipline

Whether you choose to specialise in one discipline or partake in various, there are plenty of events for you.

Only interested in FS? No problem! There are lots of formation skydiving events throughout the year, including beginner introductions, advanced competitions, intermediate skills camps and exciting multiplane events.

Looking to fill your summer with lots of different disciplines? That’s great! We have events across FS, FF, TR, CP, WS, CF to choose from and you can take your pick based on what interests you and works for your schedule.

Our events will specify the criteria to be met to attend; you can expect an event to have a minimum criteria of a rating in that discipline, e.g. FS1 for FS events, FF1 for freefly, and so on.

Event organisers and how they’re selected

We are very proud to have a large team of event organisers who provide their services to help you have fun, learn and push your skills to the max.

In all cases, the organisers have been selected as part of the Skydive Langar team and adhere to our clear expectations of delivering a welcoming, inclusive and valuable event, no matter what the focus.

Many of them are record holders, competition winners and extremely accomplished in their field. You can expect to learn, have fun and be inspired when you take part in events with the Skydive Langar team.

Walk up vs registration vs invitational vs application

There are three main event types at Langar, described in full over on our events page. In summary, these types relate to how you access the events.

  • Walk up – arrive on the day and join in
  • Registration – use the registration form to book a place
  • Invitational – you’ll get an invite from the event organiser
  • Application – you’re welcome to apply for the event and criteria will be made clear by the organiser

In some cases, events will come with a registration fee and that will be clearly stated on the event promotion. The drop zone itself does not take a fee for events so any funds will be payable to the organiser directly.

Part of the skydiving community

Events are a great way to feel part of the skydiving community by meeting new people and getting to jump with a new set of friends.

Many of our events, especially as we get into the season, are accompanied with non-skydiving elements such as food trucks or bar quizzes which encourage people to stick around and get to know each other better. Plus, with all the chill out spaces around the drop zone – including the Hangar sofa area, The Tower and all the picnic benches – there are plenty of places to relax and chat with your new found friends.

And if it’s all feeling a bit overwhelming, we have the Quiet Room open to all for some quiet time during a busy day.