Skydiving Prices

Ready to Skydive? Here's a list of all our prices for different types of Skydiving.

Skydive Langar Prices from 1st January 2020

Tandem Skydives
Tandem jump £260.00
Weekday tandem jump £230.00
For details of group discounts please contact us  
Same Day Repeat Tandem £130.00
Video & Photo package £80.00
Static Line
First Jump Course
(includes 1 Static Line Skydive)
Six Jump Course
(includes First Jump Course)
AFF Courses
Level 1 only
Ground training plus first jump. One month BPA membership
Full course
Ground training plus levels 1-8 and 10x consolidation jumps - everything you need to achieve your license. Full BPA Membership
Video & Photo Packages
AFF Level 1 £80.00
Student Discount Rates
Static Line Course
First Jump Course
(includes 1 Static Line Skydive) Second Static Line Skydive @ £20
AFF Course
Full course - £90 discount
Tandem at any time £230.00

Experienced Flight Tickets
Max Altitude (Block of 10 for £219, 20 for £435) £23.00
Friday Max Altitude   £20.00
Hop & Pop (6000ft)   £20.00
Student Flight Tickets
Static Line & Category System Tickets   £42.00
Consol Ticket Langar Student £38.00
Non-Langar Student £48.00
Kit Hire (Includes Packing)   £16.00
Coached Jump (FS, FF, TR, WS) (2x Flight Tickets) £46.00


Sport Main £5.00
Sport Reserve £40.00
Tandem Main £8.00
Tandem Reserve - Contact the Office on 01949 860878