Coach the Coaches: FS Foundation – 2022


Registration fee for Coach the Coaches: FS Foundation – 2022. Once paid your slot is secured.



Coach the Coaches: FS Foundation is aimed at anyone who wants to become an FS coach. That includes people who have met the minimum British Skydiving requirements (including 2 years in the sport and 200 jumps) as well as those earlier on in their skydiving careers who want to start preparing now.
Over the course of two days, you’ll learn everything you need to become an FS coach and have plenty of practical practice, too. You can expect:
1 day of ground school, including theory, a Methods of Instruction brief and practical exercises
1 day of sky school, including practice briefs and jumps and possible load organised jumps, depending on the group
At the end of the course, you’ll also be given the opportunity to join a Progression School Mentorship Group – part of Skydive Langar’s Progression School – in which you’ll have a dedicated mentor who is on hand to support your development and help you achieve your FS rating, and be the best coach you can be.
Advanced sign up is required and you’ll be asked to pay a small deposit to secure your spot – this will be used to cover a packed lunch on day 1.