FS1+ – 2022


Registration fee for FS1+ 2022. Once paid your slot is secured.



Who is this event for?

You must:
1. Have FS1 (old or new)
2. Have completed a few jumps since
3. Be looking to consolidate skills and build towards Load Organised groups

You could:
Already have done some load organised groups but would like some further coaching to get even better!

The event:
8am Saturday – 6pm Sunday.
Groups of ~3-6 people (depending on sign up numbers) with 1 Coach per group.
Each jump will be thoroughly briefed and debriefed with an aim to cover:
• Exit technique in all slots
• Tips for flying on the hill
• Stadium approach
• Tracking
• Bigway safety
• Introduction to flying block moves – eg. simple spinning of 2way pieces

This event is right at the start of the season so if you fly well and learn all of these skills then you will hopefully be ready to join in some of the Load Organised groups this year!

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