Progression Weekends in 2024

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Progression is a core focus for us here at Langar, where we’re passionate about providing the highest standards in training and development to help everyone to enjoy our amazing sport.

In 2022, we introduced our Progression School, which exists to make more, better coaching available to all. The way we’ve done that is through annual coach evaluations, coach development programmes and coach benefits packages; these have made more coaches available and we’ve made it easier for you to book coaching by introducing monthly Progression Weekends.

Those Progression Weekends have been hugely successful. Thank you to everyone who has taken part.

To further improve Progression Weekends in 2024, we are making some small changes to focus them exclusively on A to B licence progression – specifically formation skydiving (FS) plus B licence evenings, packing courses and new ‘monthly mixers’.

That’s not to say FF/TR coaching won’t happen at those times. But much like CF or WS coaching, these will no longer be available to book through the formal Progression Weekend forms and instead should be booked direct with the coach, as you would outside of Progression Weekends anyway.

Read on to better understand the changes to Progression Weekends in 2024.

Progression Weekends will focus on FS coaching

You can book FS coaching via the Progression Weekend sign up forms (found on the Facebook events or our Events page here). The following forms of FS coaching are now available to book:

  • FS1 – for people working toward the FS1 sticker
  • FS1+ – for people working toward the FS1+ sticker
  • Advanced FS – for people who have their stickers and want additional coaching either one on one or in groups, or anyone who has had a little bit of time away who would like some company in the sky to help them feel more comfortable
  • Small group LO – for people with FS1/FS1+ to develop their skills with a load organiser in a small group setting

Progression Weekends will coincide with B licence evenings and packing courses

As part of its refocus to A to B licence progression, Progression Weekends will now coincide with B licence evenings and packing courses – meaning those things will both be available to book every Progression Weekend.

With packing courses taking place, we’ll also welcome anyone who wants to practice packing (though priority will be given to those people on the course if the instructor’s attention is needed).

These can still be booked through our website.

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Progression Weekends will include new Monthly Mixers

To help newer skydivers settle in and meet other skydivers after they get their A licence, Langar Bar will play host to a range of Saturday night ‘mixers’.

Think movie nights, quizzes, bingo and more, as we welcome skydivers new and old to get to know one another and find new jump buddies.

Coach Development Days as part of Progression Weekends

We are introducing formal Coach Development Days as part of Progression Weekends as a way to facilitate coaching practice for those people working toward their coach rating.

This is specifically for FS coaches and can be booked via the forms available on our events page and Facebook.

The intention here is to work with Langar trainee coaches to get their Coach Proficiency Cards completed and ensure they have the skills required to achieve their British Skydiving Coach Rating.

We’ll prioritise Langar based coaches who don’t yet have their ratings, but also welcome those people who have ratings and want to develop further, and anyone who is yet to coach at Langar but wants to. Remember, our Progression School benefits exist to reward our coaches for their services.

Any questions?

If you have any questions – whether you’re looking to get coaching, or be a coach yourself, please contact Laura on or speak to her at the drop zone in the first instance.

Here’s to an awesome 2024 and beyond!