Skydive The Expo: Mini Briefs

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skydive the expo mini briefs

We spent this weekend at the Skydive The Expo event, where, amongst other things, we delivered 15 minute briefs for the attendees.

The briefs were delivered by members of the Langar team, who shared their experiences and stories with the aim of inspiring those who listened. We recorded all of the mini briefs and you can find them all over on YouTube or embedded below. Thanks to all who visited us and we hope to see lots of you at Langar soon!

Kayleigh Garbett: CRW is Cool

Kayleigh is a Canopy Formations competitor, medalist, coach and record holder. While CF (also known as CRW) has been growing in popularity significantly in recent years, it’s still growing and Kayleigh’s talk aims to inspire you to give it a go.

Ellie Marshall: Perseverence is Key

Ellie was recently named Skydiver of the Year at the Skydive Langar Awards. In this inspirational talk, she shares her story and talks about how she faced challenges along the way, how she overcame them argues that skydiving isn’t all about stickers and progression – it’s about having fun with friends.

Matt Cumming: Becoming a Champion

Matt Cumming is a competitive skydiver who has a range of medals to his name – including gold in 8 way formation skydiving. In his talk, Matt shares how he struggled in the early stages but through coaching and hard work, has become not just a medallist but a record holder, a coach and an instructor.

Laura Hampton: Breaking Records

Laura Hampton is a national champion formation skydiver and in 2023, became a British and world record holder, too. In her talk, she discussed what it feels like to achieve records, how the process worked for her and how other people can work toward getting onto record attempts themselves.