Skydive Video and Photo Packages

Your skydive is an unforgettable experience and one that you'll want to relive - and share with others - again and again.

And you can! By buying a skydive video and photo package, you'll get your very own personal camera flyer, whose job is to capture the magic of your jump from before you head out right to the moment you land.

Find out more about our video and photo packages here, or book your skydive now. You can also call our reception team during our open hours if you have any further questions, or message us on Facebook.

What's included in a skydive video and photo package?

When you choose to include a video and photo package with your skydive, you'll be assigned your own personal camera flyer who will film and take photos of your whole experience.

The video includes, as a minimum:

  • A pre-jump chat* where we'll ask you why you're going skydiving and find out how you're feeling
  • Aircraft footage, capturing the flight to altitude
  • Freefall, from exit to the parachute opening
  • Your landing and a post-jump chat*

*Both the pre-jump and post-jump chats are optional - we think they make for great video content but if you'd prefer not to, that's fine too.

The footage of your skydive is then fully edited for you into a complete package which includes:

  • 1 full length video, including all of the above parts
  • 1 one-minute long video of just your freefall, perfect for Instagram

Along with your two videos, you'll also receive 30 photos, including pre-jump, in the plane, your exit from the aircraft, freefall, and after landing. These photos are all of a high quality which is suitable for print.

Tandem Skydive Photo Package
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When do I get my video and photos?

We ask you allow 48 hours for your video and photos to come through but generally speaking, you'll get them on the day. Our camera team edits your videos and photos and sends them over to you using a system called Smash, which is similar to WeTransfer.

You'll receive an email to the address you provide us, from which you can then download your videos and photos. The link expires after two weeks.

Your camera flyer - who are they and what do they do?

Each member of our camera team is a highly experienced skydiver who has been trained and practiced in filming and photographing other skydivers. When they're not filming tandems, many of our camera flyers hone their skills through competition and other types of skydive videography, so you know you're in good hands.


Your camera flyer wears a helmet onto which their cameras are fitted, with most using a combination of action cameras (e.g. Go Pro) and DSLR for still photos, which is operated using a switch held in their mouths.

Most camera flyers also wear something called camera 'wings', which allow them to change their fall rate very quickly to get some great shots of you from above and below.

For the exit, your camera flyer will hang onto the outside of the aircraft to capture the full magic of your journey to, and then out of, the door! They'll fly near and around you during freefall to get videos and photos from a variety of angles - it's pretty cool watching them if you get chance during your jump!

Check out this video to see behind the scenes footage of a camera flyer in action:

AFF Video and Photo Packages

As well as tandem skydive video and photo packages, we also offer a package for AFF students, which can be taken at any point in your course.

Some of our students choose to have their very first skydive filmed (i.e. their level 1 of AFF), which is a nice idea because it captures that very first experience of jumping alone, with your own parachute. Others prefer to wait until their consolidation jumps ('consols') which is when they have passed all their AFF levels and are practicing the skills they've learned, so that also works well as it gives you the opportunity to get some very cool photos of you on your own in the sky.

Whichever you choose, be sure to add the video and photo package on your booking and then let your instructor know when you'd like to use it.

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Skydiving 'photoshoots'

Thinking of a gift for a friend, a loved one or even for yourself?

A skydiving photoshoot can be arranged with our camera team! Whether it's a solo jump or something with your friends, you can pay for a video package and our camera flyers will produce a full edited video and 30 photos for you, as we would for AFF or tandem. Let us know if this is something you'd like by speaking to Josh at the DZ.