Charity Skydives

Here at Skydive Langar our team love to work with first-time jumpers. Every year thousands of people complete their first ever skydive with us. Many of our first time skydivers raise a huge amount of money for charity at the same time!

Tandem skydiving provides the experience of a lifetime and is a great way to raise funds for a good cause. If you raise enough sponsorship your charity skydive could be for free. Check out the Tandem Skydive page to learn more about the experience.

It takes just 20 minutes to be briefed for your jump, After the briefing you will skydive with a highly experienced instructor and experience the thrill of freefall.

You can either Skydive for our supported charity - Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance - or choose your own preferred cause.

The Air Ambulance is a rapid response emergency craft covering 3,000 square miles across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Travelling at 154 mph it takes about 19 minutes to travel from its base at RAF Waddington to the furthest point in either of the two counties. It is operational every day of the week all year round completing an average of 4 missions a day. The Air Ambulances saves many lives a year across the region. The charity receives NO government funding and is not eligible for National Lottery grants. To ensure that the air ambulance can continue flying they need to raise more than a million pounds - each and every year.

If you represent a charity or a large group wanting to organise a charity skydiving event please contact us on 01949 860878, email or use the contact form below

How Does A Charity Skydive Work?

Charities often have designated group days booked with us. We also have many individuals and smaller groups Skydiving for their chosen charity. Whichever charity you choose to skydive for, you can do it at Skydive Langar.

This is an example of how it works:

  • Most charities will allow the cost of the skydive to be covered using up to 50% of the sponsorship money. Therefore if you collect at least twice the cost of the tandem skydive, the whole cost of your jump would be covered. If you raise less, you pay a proportion of your jump cost yourself. You are getting the fun of a skydive, after all!
  • It is important to know that although it seems you are skydiving for free, the tandem parachute jump is being paid for by the charity and the people supporting your cause, so you should try to raise as much as possible over the minimum target.
  • You should contact your chosen charity in advance and agree the use of funds and the minimum sponsorship required with them directly.


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Skydive for Charity

Did a tandem skydive for charity, I was so nervous as I’m scared of flying and scared of heights, Ben my instructor was amazing he kept me calm, reassured me and explained everything and had fun!

Deborah - Charity Skydive

Are your friends already doing a Skydive for Charity? Join a pre-arranged charity skydive day!

If your charity is organising a group jump, contact them and ask to join in. They will tell you what the financial arrangements are, and how the jump is to be paid for. They may even make your booking for you.

If your charity is not organising a group skydiving event you can still book a skydive independently to raise money for them. Click the ‘Book Online’ button then simply select your date and pay the deposit to make your booking. Let us know which charity you are jumping for in the notes section of the booking form. You still need to contact the charity in advance and agree the use of funds and the minimum sponsorship required with them directly. You will pay the full cost of the skydive on the day of the jump.

Why not have your skydive filmed by one of our expert freefall photographers? You can even use the video to squeeze a little extra sponsorship out of friends and family.

Please note that for tandem skydives there is a MAXIMUM WEIGHT (fully clothed) of 95 kg (15 stone) or 83 kg if you are less than 163cm (5ft 4in). This limit is in place for your own safety and that of our instructors.