What is AFF and is it for me?

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Skydiving course Level 5 exit

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the fast-track route to becoming a qualified solo skydiver. This is our most intensive course, so you will be in a group of no more than four students, ensuring individual attention.

The programme is termed ‘accelerated’ because the learning process is faster than alternative training systems – sorry, you don’t fall faster! To achieve this, AFF Instructors accompany you in freefall and provide direct tuition during each 50 second skydive, assessing and improving your performance moment by moment, giving you both time and help to gain confidence and overcome any fears.

Skydiving course Level 5 exit

The AFF course is based on eight levels of accomplishment, normally one skydive at each level, and is designed to take place over a full week. Given good weather, the course may sometimes be completed in a few days. After graduating from the course, you perform a further ten consolidation jumps, guided by your instructors, practising the skills you have learned. You’ll then be able to apply for your internationally recognised skydiver’s license, enabling you to jump solo anywhere in the world!

On the Day of your Course

The course begins with a full day of instruction on the ground. This covers the theory and practice of skydiving and the use of your parachute system. You will learn a raft of important information including how to;

  • operate your equipment
  • exit the aircraft with your instructors
  • maintain control and communicate in freefall
  • initiate the opening of the main parachute
  • steer down to the landing area and land safely

Before jumping, you will practise all the procedures for both your skydive and the parachute descent until your instructors are completely satisfied with your abilities.

AFF Level 1 skydive in freefall

When will I get to jump?

When your instructors are happy with your performance on the ground you will make your Level 1 skydive, usually the day following ground school (weather permitting). You’ll jump from 13,000 feet with two instructors holding on to you. They continue to teach you during freefall using a system of hand signals – direct in-air instruction is the most effective way to learn and progress. You’ll wear a radio so that we can assist you after your parachute is open too. After every jump a comprehensive debrief takes place with your instructors, followed by additional training both to improve skills learned already and add those required for the next jump.

What will I do on each jump?

You will progress through the AFF Levels at your own learning pace, developing the skills and control you need to fulfil the objectives for each jump.

The first jump is with two instructors and is designed to teach you the basics: exits, stability, altitude awareness and control of the parachute canopy. Locating the main deployment handle, altitude awareness and the actual pull, are all part of this jump. The instructors hold on to you throughout the freefall portion of the skydive, as they will on your Level 2 jump. Radio assistance is given as needed during the parachute descent and landing.

The remaining levels are briefed and practised in detail prior to each jump. On level 3 you will be ready for both instructors to ‘release’, allowing you to fly on your own.

On levels 4 to 7, you will be one-to-one with a single instructor, learning how to turn, perform back-loops, and how to ‘track’ – moving forward through the air.

The level 8 jump is a solo exit, followed by deployment of your canopy within a few seconds. This is to familiarise you with a lower exit altitude and a faster pull. On completion of this jump you graduate from AFF.

How long it actually takes you to qualify will depend both on how quickly you pick up the skills, and the weather (we have restrictions on wind and cloud for safety reasons).

AFF Level 7 Skydive

What about the equipment?

All the equipment you need is provided – our parachute systems are designed specifically for AFF students with both safety and comfort in mind. You will always wear two parachutes (known as a main canopy and reserve canopy) on your back using a container and harness, which is light and comfortable to wear. Your equipment is fitted with additional safety devices for your peace of mind. Both the main and reserve are large ‘square’ canopies, the result of years of design innovation and technical improvement based on rigorous testing and field use. You will also be provided with a helmet, goggles, an altimeter to monitor your descent, and a jumpsuit to go over your clothes. You should wear comfortable loose clothing and good training shoes.

Is it for me?

If you want to become a solo skydiver, and you want intensive training and progression to get there, then Accelerated Freefall is the way to do it. It may seem expensive, but the rewards are well worth it!

Skydive Langar was one of the first drop zones in Britain to teach skydiving under the system and we have taught AFF here since 1985, so come and learn with the experts!

Sounds good, where do I sign up?

Great! We have different course options, the details and prices for which are all found on our website here. You can find available ground school dates and book online too.

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