5 Pro Tips for your First Skydive

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Smiling tandem skydiver

Skydiving’s an awesome experience that’ll give you a whole new outlook on life. Here’s our top 5 tips to make sure you have the best time ever on your first skydive.

1. Dress for Success

We’ll provide you with a jumpsuit to protect your clothes, here’s some advice for what clothes you should wear.

  • Shoes – Trainers or tennis shoes are best. Flip flops or other loose shoes don’t do well at 120 mph.
  • Bottom Half – Wear something you would wear to the gym, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, you’ll need to be able to move around and get into 3 different skydiving positions.
  • Top Half – Snug fitting layers, bring an extra top even if it’s warm, our instructors will advise you the temperature on the day. Avoid extra tassels, giant hoods, or anything else that would flap around in the wind.

2. Choose the right Dropzone

See how long the dropzone has been skydiving for and what their reputation is. Ask about the experience level of their instructors.

At Skydive Langar we are proud to offer a complete experience for our first time jumpers. We always skydive from the same altitude as experienced jumpers, the only add-on we’ll offer you is our video and photo package. When choosing a dropzone look out for hidden costs, such as lower altitudes or memberships not being included.

We’re proud of our reviews – check them out on facebook or tripadvisor

3. Scream and shout!

Some first time jumpers are so overcome by the thrill of skydiving that they hold their breath. But there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t be able to breathe. It’s simply a matter of opening your mouth and doing it!

Normally first time jumpers just need to breathe out.

We tell our tandem students to try screaming as they jump out of the plane, to remind them to breathe out.

Skydiving Pro Tips - Scream

4. Eat like a Professional Skydiver

How does a Professional Skydiver eat?… well just normally. It’s important to eat something before you skydive. Low blood sugar from an empty stomach can make you feel queezy. Even though you’ll be feeling nervous try to eat before you skydive.

5. Choose the Video and Photo package

Skydiving is a truly amazing experience. You’ll want to tell your friends all about how it felt, a picture paints a thousand words.

Whether your first skydive is a tick on your bucket list, or the first step on your journey to a new hobby, your Video and Photos will be a treasured possession.

Skydive Langar has highly skilled videographers using the best equipment to capture your skydive. Add the package when you book or add it on the day.