Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Skydiving Course

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the fastest skydiving course available if you want to learn to skydive.
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The full AFF course consists of:
  • a day in ground school learning both the theory and practise of skydiving
  • 8 levels (normally one skydive per level, subject to you completing the required objectives) learning core freefall skills
  • 10 consolidation jumps practising what you've learnt
On completion of the above you will be awarded a British Skydiving A licence, valid worldwide.
This is our most intensive skydiving course, so you will be in a group of no more than 4 students, ensuring individual attention. AFF Instructors accompany you in freefall and provide direct tuition during each skydive. They will assess and coach you moment by moment, giving you both time and help to build your confidence in the air.
If you want to try solo skydiving before committing to the full course, we offer the option to do Level 1 only, which includes ground training and your first jump.

What are the AFF levels?

On level 1 you will jump with 2 instructors. You will follow a planned sequence to demonstrate good body position and altitude awareness, along with 'practice pulls' to locate your deployment handle. You'll pull your own parachute and fly back to the landing area, with guidance from your instructors by radio.
On levels 2 and 3 you still have 2 instructors, but we expect to see an improvement in body position and awareness. On level 3 you should be able to demonstrate control so that both instructors can release you to fly on your own!
Now that you've satisfied us that you have the required control in freefall, on level 4 you will have just 1 instructor jumping with you. On this jump the objective is to start and stop controlled turns in both directions.
Level 5 reinforces the turns, with any improvements from the previous jump. Your instructor may add other freefall exercises depending on your performance.
On level 6 things get really fun! This is your first solo exit from the aircraft; on all previous levels your instructor is holding onto you for the exit. Next you will do a backloop to show your instructor that you can regain stability after a tumble. Then we introduce tracking which is horizontal movement across the sky - now you really are superman!
Level 7 is about putting everything together - therefore you'll demonstrate a full sequence of solo exit, backloop, tracking and turns. During the jump you'll need to demonstrate altitude awareness and control throughout.

What happens after AFF Level 7?

Level 8 is what we call a 'hop and pop' - leaving the aircraft at an altitude of around 5000ft. You'll do a stable exit and pull your parachute after a short delay therefore simulating having to exit in an emergency.
Now you've completed the levels of the AFF Course, all that remains is to do 10 consolidation jumps and you can apply for your license. The consolidation jumps are still under instructor supervision, but you'll usually be in freefall on your own - quite a strange feeling at first!
If you are unable to demonstrate the required skills on a level your instructor may require you to repeat the jump. There will be an additional cost for this (levels 1-3 repeat is £170, levels 4-7 £110 and £80 for level 8).

How long does it take to complete the AFF Course?

AFF can be completed very quickly, if you can commit the time to be at the dropzone and the weather is on your side! After doing ground training on day 1, we can complete 3-4 jumps per day if you are able to maintain your performance. The best way to finish the course (and to retain the muscle memory and lessons from previous jumps) is to take a week to be at the dropzone every day, but if you aren't able to do this you can come back to jump any time. Every day while you are learning to skydive you'll need an instructor to refresh your training to make sure you've remembered all the key information and safety skills.
  Level 1 Only Full Course
Ground training
Provisional British Skydiving membership  
Full year British Skydiving membership  
Level 1
Levels 2-8  
10 Consolidation Jumps  
Price £375 £1699
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Our video and photo package can be added to any AFF course. One of our experienced freefall photographers will skydive with you on your level 1 jump, providing a video record for you to share with your friends and family.
IMPORTANT: In order to participate in our solo skydiving courses your weight (fully clothed) must not exceed 224 pounds (16 stone, 102 Kg) . You must be between the ages of 16 (with permission of a parent/guardian) and 55. Exceptions to the higher age limit may be permitted if the person has previous skydiving experience (excluding tandem skydives).