Learn to Skydive FAQs

General Questions

When are you open?

We are open everyday day of the year apart from Christmas Day!

What is AFF?

Accelerated Freefall is a comprehensive, 18 jump program designed to train an individual with a strong foundation to become a solo, certified skydiver by building freefall and canopy skills. Upon completion of the AFF course including 8 Levels with an instructor and 10 Solo jumps, the student is qualified for an A licence. 

Am I required to do a tandem jump before learning to skydive solo?

No, a tandem skydive is not a requirement to begin the AFF or Static line skydiving courses. Each level within the AFF course requires an individual to achieve different skill sets while in freefall. You'll be assisted by an instructor in freefall and also under canopy with the use of a radio.

What is the Groundschool?

The groundschool involves a minimum six hours of classroom training. The first jump course will identify the parachute gear and how it works, correct freefall body position, identifying and handling emergency procedures, and flying the canopy. Once completed you should feel confident to make your first solo skydive.

What is involved with each level?

Each level represents a skill set the student is required to learn and demonstrate while in freefall. You'll learn control on all axes including, turns, backflips, forwards movement and different exits. Advancement to the next level will not occur until each student properly demonstrates that he / she can execute the specific skills introduced for the particular level.

How often should I be jumping while learning to skydive?

The entire AFF course can be completed in less than a week or as slowly as one jump every 30 days. Students are encouraged to stay as current as possible and not allow too much time to elapse between jumps. Ideally, the more jumps one can make in a shorter period of time, the better. This helps improve confidence and allows you to progress more quickly. Students who haven't jumped in over 3 months may be required to complete an extended refresh.

What happens after Level 7?

After Level 7 the student will be jumping without radio assistance and will begin consol jumps, jumping without an instructor.  The main goal for a new skydiver is to attain an A-license. The consolidation jumps are a probation period as a student becomes more self-sufficient but with some supervision.

What is required to attain the A license?

A minimum of 18 jumps is required to attain an A license. Levels 1-7 working with an instructor, Level 8 is a low altitude jump then 10 solo jumps. You'll also complete Student CT (further canopy training) during the consolidation jumps.

Once I've become an A licensed skydiver, what should I do about owning my own gear?

Equipment hire and packing is included for all of the AFF course. Once you have your A licence you can hire equipment including a parachute, suit, helmet and altimeter for each jump. As you progress in the sport you'll want to buy some of your own gear, your instructors can guide you in this. Starting with small items like goggles and gloves.


In order to participate in our solo skydiving courses your weight (fully clothed) must not exceed 101 kg (16 stone) . You must be between the ages of 16 (with permission of a parent/guardian) and 55. The maximum age for Solo Skydiving Training is 54.