B Licence Days

B licence days run every month to help you get all the briefs you need to progress from A licence to B license. B licence days include all CT1 and JM1 briefs apart from packing, which can be booked separately.

Price - £30

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B Licence

What to expect on a B licence day / evening

Our B licence events are run by our team of highly qualified skydiving instructors. You can expect to receive the very best tuition to give you the skills you need to get signed off for your B licence, but more importantly, to learn and develop as an experienced skydiver.

Group sizes are limited and you must book in advance to secure your place. You should expect to spend between 4-6 hours which includes all the B licence briefs you need, with the exception of learning to pack. That means:

  • JM1 -  spotting; learn how we decide the jump run, how to assess the landing direction and how to safely check the 'spot' for your fellow jumpers
  • JM1 - flightline checking; learn how to check your fellow jumpers' equipment is safe to use, regulations around what equipment different jumpers can use and how to keep a record of checks at Langar
  • JM1 - introduction to the Ops Manual; you'll learn all about what's in the Operations Manual and how it applies to you and your fellow jumpers
  • JM1 - being the jumpmaster; how to plan a load, deciding the jump order, taking action in an emergency and being responsible for your fellow jumpers
  • CT1 - developing your skills as a canopy pilot, you'll learn more about how your canopy works, why it does what it does, safety considerations as you develop and the practical exercises you need to use to learn new canopy skills