Rigging and Reserve Repacks

Skydive Langar has been skydiving since 1977. Our rigging team are experts in parachuting equipment maintenance and repair.

Reserve Repacks

Our team of Advanced packers can turn your reserve repack around quickly to get you back in the air. Standard reserve repack price is £65 including Main Inspection and Repack. Use the form below to get in touch and we'll connect you with an available advanced packer. 

Rigging and Repairs

Rigging is overseen by British Skydiving Rigging Examiner Karen Saunders. Using a modern well equipped rigging loft Karen and her team can make sure your rig is in peak condition to keep you skydiving all day long. Rigging tasks are wide and varied so please use the form below to tell us your issue and we'll get back to you with an estimate for the work.

AAD Servicing

We are an authorised Cypres Dealer and can arrange AAD Servicing for you. The standard price for an AAD service is £250 but may vary. Book in with the form below, drop your AAD off at the DZ and we'll do the rest.