Skydiving Kit Hire and Rig Rental

Are you planning to visit Skydive Langar but don’t yet have your own equipment? We offer kit hire and rig rental to our student and experienced jumpers. Find out more here.

Rig rental

Student and experienced skydivers can rent rigs from Skydive Langar. Our kit store includes a range of canopy and container sizes, and our ongoing investment and on-site rigging service means that everything on offer is of the highest possible standard.

Rig rental prices can be found on our prices page; the rig rental cost includes packing, which is done by our expert packing team.

How does rig rental work?

Our kit store is situated to the rear of our manifest office and contains a range of rigs. As you walk in, the left hand side is where we keep freefall gear, while the right hand side is reserved for static line kit.

To hire a rig from us, you need to:

  • Purchase a jump plus kit hire from manifest
  • Go to the kit store to select your rig
  • Find the number of your rig on the board situated in the centre of the kit store and write your name against the rig you are borrowing
  • Return the rig to the kit store when you’re finished

Each rig has its own identification label, found on the shoulder. This includes the rig number, which corresponds with the number on the rack itself – “FF16” stands for “Free Fall 16” and indicates this is freefall rig number 16.

The identification label also includes the colour, model and size of the main canopy and we can provide further information on the reserve canopy on request.

At times, multiple people may be renting the same rig; please be sure to leave your name on the board in the kit store so that anyone sharing can keep a track of who they’re sharing with. It is your responsibility to ensure your kit is packed and ready when it’s your time to jump.

Rig Hire Board

It is also your responsibility to take care of the equipment you’re using and to perform your hands on check, including your check of your AAD, before every jump.

If you have any queries about which rig to use or anything else to do with the equipment you’re using, please ask an instructor.

Hiring other skydiving gear

Student skydivers are offered jumpsuits, helmets, altimeters, gloves and goggles to use during their journey to A licence. As a student skydiver at Langar, you are also offered a 10% discount on goggles and gloves purchased at our on-site shop, Air Supply, and we recommend everyone invest in their own sets of these prior to qualifying.

Skydiving Shop

While we do have this equipment available to our students, we ask that experienced jumpers purchase their own. The best places to do this are in our on -site shop, or look out for second hand options on things such as helmets and altimeters on Facebook.