Father’s Day Gift Idea: Skydiving Gift Vouchers!

Skydive LangarTandem skydive

Father’s Day is just around the corner and with many of us still wondering what to buy, Skydive Langar has you covered with tandem skydiving vouchers – the perfect Father’s Day gift.

We know how hard it can be to find a present that shows your dad just how special he is, so why not give him a once in a lifetime, completely unique experience?

Tandem instructor Ben, taken by Laura

How does a Father’s Day skydiving gift voucher work?

A tandem skydive is a unique, thoroughly exciting and totally awesome experience that will stick with your dad forever.

On purchasing a tandem skydiving gift voucher for Father’s Day, you’ll receive a personalised voucher either by email or in the post, whichever you prefer (though by email is best to save paper). The voucher is valid for 12 months from purchase, so your dad can choose the date and time that best suits him to make his jump.

To book, simply visit our website or call us up, quoting your voucher number.

What dad can expect from his tandem skydive experience

On the day of his jump, your dad (along with you, your family and any other spectators) will come along to Skydive Langar at our airfield here in Nottinghamshire.

You’ll be welcomed by our friendly reception team, who will ensure all your paperwork is in order and you’re good to go – you’ll get the paperwork via email in advance, too.

Then, your dad will be invited to his tandem skydive briefing, during which he’ll learn all about the plan for the jump, the equipment we use and the body position he needs to adopt for exit, freefall and the parachute ride.

After that, it’s time to jump! Your father will head out to the aircraft with his tandem instructor and, if you elect to purchase a video and photo package, his personal camera flyer. From there, it takes around 15-20 minutes to get to our exit altitude of 14,000, where dad will jump out, enjoy around 50 seconds of exhilerating freefall and 5 or 6 minutes of beautiful, weightless parachute flight back to terra firma.

Tandem skydive parachute opening, by Laura

Will the skydive take place on Father’s Day?

It’s certainly possible! Providing we have space on the day (check out the calendar when you choose ‘book now’ on our site) and the weather conditions are appropriate for the jump, you dad can skydive on Father’s Day.

If not, he can choose another date and time that works for him. Vouchers are valid 12 months from date of purchase.

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