Fitness Inspiration for the Skydiving Season

Chris CookExperienced Skydivers

Good news! It looks like we aren’t too far from skydiving in the UK starting up again. The bad news? Given the winter lock-down following on from Christmas, most of us haven’t felt the inspiration to keep our fitness at a decent level for sports.

Last year, we found that once jumping started after the first lock-down, a lot of experienced skydivers were reporting niggling injuries or strains, such as aching backs and pulled muscles, so it makes sense to put a little effort in now to avoid the same happening this time.

We have gathered the experience (and wisdom?) from our staff members to give you some knowledge and inspiration to help regain skydiving-specific strength and fitness. Below is each persons favourite exercise:

Paul Dewey – Pike push-up

“Having to hold onto the outside of the plane as a job requires an amount of upper-body strength. This exercise engages the back, shoulders and pecks all in one.”

Josh Carrat – Squats

“Squats are my vote because it is an all-body movement that can be done with no equipment and can have different variations. It builds strong leg muscles and ligaments, which for skydiving reduces the chances/severity of ankle and leg injury”

Chris Cook – Angel and Devil

“Also known as the ‘longest wave-off ever’, this really works the arching muscles as well as the shoulder mechanisms used in every skydive. Any respectable skydiver should aim to hold this position – with the thighs off the ground – for a minute at a time”

Remember to keep your thighs up and look at the horizon!

Pete Harries – Pull up bar

“I love the pull-up bar, it is strengthens your arms, but also your core muscles. Put it somewhere on the way to the loo or the kitchen and do some every time you pass under it!”

Struggle to do one pull-up? check this video out!

Brian Cumming – Sun Salutations

“This is a great warm-up and stretch combination that works for beginners and advanced (Editor: how is downward-facing dog a resting pose!!). “

All you need is a yoga mat and a cheese plant

Emily Aucutt – Running

“I like running!”

That is all we could get from Emily as she raced by on another lap of the airfield, but we feel that it is enough. If you haven’t run a lot before but are inspired by Emily, there are great apps such as couch to 5k that can help you out, and all you really need are a good set of running shoes!

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration, either to add them to your current routine, or to get active and ready for the skydiving season to come!