Is Skydiving Safe?

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How safe is a Tandem Skydive?

If you’re thinking about doing a tandem skydive you’ve probably wondered how risky it is? If you haven’t, you might be a little bit crazy. When putting your life into the hands of an instructor you’ve just met you might want to know about their company’s attitude to safety.

Tandem Instructors

All our Tandem Instructors at Skydive Langar are experienced jumpers with many skydives under their belt. Each of them must gain a British Skydiving instructors rating before taking any Tandem Students. To maintain their rating they must stay current and practice emergency procedures often. We’re take a lot of pride in our instructors and are proud of their focus on safety.


You might have wondered whether the parachutes even going to open! You’ll be pleased to know we use the most modern equipment on the market. Tandem parachute systems have 2 parachutes, a main and a reserve. The main parachute is packed by packing certificate holders who’ve been checked out on each system. The reserve parachute is packed by advanced packers and must be repacked and inspected every 6 months even if it hasn’t been used. At Skydive Langar an AAD (automatic activation device) is also mandatory, this device begins the reserve deployment even if the tandem instructor or skydiver are unable to deploy any parachutes themselves.

Is Skydiving worth the risk?

In the last 20 years in the UK approximately 750000 people have done a tandem skydive. There was no fatalities in this time. Tandem skydiving is actually a lot safer than many people believe. Whether it’s worth the risk is a question you’ll need to answer yourself, we think the smiles are the proof.

Is skydiving safe?