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We’re looking for full time and freelance staff for the 2023 summer season. Could you be part of the Langar team next year?

Currently seeking:

  • Tandem Instructor – full time and freelance
  • Packer – full time (negotiable)

If you are interested in applying for either of these roles, please email ops@skydivelangar.co.uk letting us know which role you’re applying for and any relevant experience you have.

Tandem instructor jobs at Langar

We’re looking for experienced tandem instructors to join our team for the summer season. Our tandem structure means we have regular customers throughout the day and our team set up means we share the work out so everyone gets enough – but not too much – work to do.

Tandem skydive over Langar

Benefits of tandem instructing at Langar include:

  • High quality kit which is well maintained and updated
  • A team of parachute packers who will pack your tandem kit for you
  • A huge, hazard free landing area and excellent range of facilities
  • A support team around you
  • A great camera team who work alongside our tandem instructors to make great experiences for our customers

As a tandem instructor at Langar, we expect you to:

  • Put the customer at the centre of everything, making their once-in-a-lifetime experience the best it can be
  • Be a team player, working with the wider Langar team to create an environment of fun and support
  • Exhibit the characteristics of a good instructor, including being a good example, observant and having an open mind to constantly learn and develop

To be considered for this role, you will need to be available for the summer season of 2023. Ideally, we want to hear from experienced TIs but if you’re working toward this, please let us know and we are happy to hear from you, too.

Parachute packer jobs at Langar

Being a parachute packer at Langar is a lot of fun… but it is also hard work. Our set up means that packers at Langar have a good stream of work, fed by our tandem kit, wider rental/student kit and a high number of fun jumpers and teams.

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Benefits of packing at Langar include:

  • A comfortable working area, including drinks machine, fridge and well padded flooring
  • A steady stream of work, including tandem kit, rental/student kit and fun jumper kit
  • A great team of packers who are always willing to help others
  • On-site accommodation options (please let us know if this is something you’d need)

As a parachute packer at Langar, we expect you to:

  • Play an integral role in the customer experience at Langar – being a fun, friendly face to welcome people back after their jump
  • Work to meet the needs of the drop zone and its jumpers and communicate with the wider team as needed
  • Keep your skills in packing up to date with any new systems / equipment added to your packing certificate as appropriate
  • Keep the packing area clean and tidy and support with any wider ground support tasks as required

To be considered for this role, you should be excited to work at a skydiving centre (though you do not have to be a skydiver yourself). Experience is a benefit but not essential – if you’re not yet qualified to pack, or lack experience, just let us know and we may be able to help.

Typically, parachute packing as a role is the first step in a skydiving career ladder for those who want it, and we will work with you to help develop you on your chosen path where appropriate.

Benefits of working at Langar

We know the one thing that differentiates us from other drop zones is our team of people. We know how amazing our team is and how important each and every member is to creating the place that we love, and we aim to create a supportive, fun environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals.

Carex TV Skydiving Project
Sky-five (lol)

Benefits include:

  • A supportive team
  • Regular team trips, including innhoppes and other team socials
  • An on site cafe which gives staff discounts, including free tea
  • Staff rates on jump tickets
  • On-site accommodation options (let us know if this is something you need)

If you’d like to apply for these roles, or any other at Langar, please email ops@skydivelangar.co.uk.