Static Line Course

For the satisfaction of knowing that you did it - all by yourself - go for the Static Line course!
This course takes place over two days, training you in the skydiving techniques required to jump from an altitude of 3,500 feet, with an automatically opened parachute. If you think skydiving may be the sport for you, then this is a great first step: you can be freefalling and opening your parachute yourself by your sixth jump! You can become a fully qualified solo skydiver in as few as sixteen jumps using this training system.
The number of people on the static line course is kept low, ensuring that each participant gets personal tuition. During the course you will learn safety regulations and be instructed on the skydiving techniques required, including;
  • exiting the aircraft
  • stable and controlled body position
  • how the equipment operates
  • how to control the parachute to steer it down to a safe arrival in the landing area
The course involves both theoretical work and the physical practise necessary to make the most of your skydive. Your first jump will take place on the day after the ground training, weather permitting.
We provide all the required equipment, and our student parachute systems include several safety features and backup devices. The parachutes we provide are virtually the same as used by all experienced skydivers worldwide.
Static line ground training run year round - book early; places are limited!
Do you know that skydiving is the sport for you, and want the quickest route to qualifying for your license? Check out our AFF training course.
IMPORTANT: In order to participate in our solo skydiving courses your weight (fully clothed) must not exceed 101 kg (16 stone) . You must be between the ages of 16 (with permission of a parent/guardian) and 55. The maximum age for Solo Skydiving Training is 54.
Please note that the Course takes place regardless of the weather. The course takes all day - from 9 a.m. until early evening. Student jumping takes place on the following day, weather permitting. Static Line Skydiving Prices.