Safety Day 2024

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Thank you to everyone who came along to attend our Safety Day – our annual opportunity to come together as a community to reflect on what we’ve learned and learn some new things, too.

Of course, every day is safety day because every day, we look out for our own and each others’ safety. The role of Safety Day as a formalised event is to give us a forum in which to see data, discuss what that data means, share stories and do physical practice together.

We welcomed members of Langar staff – namely our Chief Instructor Rich Wheatley, advanced instructor Josh Carratt and Lead Rigger Karen Saunders – to host the seminars and these were recorded and posted below for you to watch back at your leisure.

Thank you also to Kayleigh Garbett who hosted our practical parachute packing session, and to all the Langar staff and fun jumpers who helped out throughout the day.

As always, if you have any queries relating to safety, please speak to an instructor who will be happy to help.

Review of the Year 2023

Rich Wheatley hosted a review a review of 2023 which included looking at Skydive Langar’s own data and specific scenarios.

The Big Three

In his talk, Josh Carratt shared data from the United States Parachute Association and used it to highlight the issues most common in the US and how we can learn from them in the UK.

Would You or Wouldn’t You?

In her talk, lead rigger Karen showed a range of different pieces of equipment to highlight the importance of knowing your own.

Red and Black

This talk featured in March 2022’s Safety Day and was repeated for the 2024 event. Watch it again here:

Understanding Your AAD

This wasn’t presented during Safety Day, but it was referenced quite a bit – you can watch Karl Meyer from Vigil AAD discussing AADs and their function, and data behind them, here – this was recorded for our Winter Webinars series.