COVID-19 Staff Training

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This week we completed a staff training programme to trial skydiving again under new social distancing measures. We aren’t yet at the point of being able to resume operations, but it’s a step in the right direction! The situation changes day to day and we’re watching closely ready for when we can open. Below are some of the new procedures that have been introduced.

Arriving at the DZ

Upon arrival, all visitors will need to report to reception. The reception area is now one-way and contains 2m distanced zones for people to queue in. You’ll fill out a symptom declaration, and when you reach the desk your temperature will be taken by a staff member. If your symptoms and/or temperature present risk, you will be instructed to leave the airfield.

Manifesting will be done as normal through the outside windows. Card is the preferred method of payment, and 2m distance will need to be maintained while queueing. Hand sanitising stations have been added all around the dz for everybody to use before and after any contact.

Getting Ready to Jump

When you’ve kitted up for a lift, you will stand on a white marked circle on the concrete area by dz control. These are at 2m intervals. You will remain in your spot until the jumpmaster has checked each person themselves and signed for everybody, before walking out.

Before the aircraft has loaded, the jumpmaster will be requried to sanitize parts of the plane – around the door and any railings. Cleaning equipment will be ready at the enplaining point.

In the aircraft, lift capacity may initially be limited in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Face coverings must be worn by everyone – if you don’t have a full face helmet, an open face with a face shield (buff, mask etc) is sufficient.

Yay, skydiving!

After you’ve jumped, head to the hangar as normal. Packing will be done at a distance of 2m from anybody else in the hangar.