Tandem Skydiving – FAQs

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Excited tandem skydiver

Summer is on its way, and the phone in the Skydive Langar office has been ringing off the hook with bookings and questions! Here are a few commonly asked questions that might help so you can book your jump on our website. If there’s anything left unanswered, don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook, email, or give us a call!

What time will I be jumping?

Your booking time is your arrival time, not your jumping time. We jump in order of arrival. If you were first in the queue on arrival, you’ll be first to jump! If you were towards the end of the queue expect to be here for a few hours or sometimes even all day if the weather holds us up.

Excited tandem skydiver

Can I book the video package on the day?

Yes, we usually have availability on the day, although we encourage you to pre book your cameraman to guarantee this.

Can I bring my own camera on the jump?

Unfortunately not, the use of cameras by tandems is strictly forbidden. The governing body for skydiving in the UK requires you to have over 200 jumps before you can skydive with a camera – this includes action cameras such as the GoPro. Why not have one of our professionally trained freefall videographers capture the experience for you?

Do I jump for free if I am doing it for charity?

Unfortunately nothing in life is free, although most charities will have a minimum target they suggest you raise, and from that the cost of the skydive is covered.

Can I jump with my friends?

This depends on various factors such as aircraft loading and instructor availability. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please be aware that this may add more of a delay to your jump and people who were behind you in the queue may jump before you.

Tandem Skydive in Freefall

How much does it cost?

Monday – Friday the cost is £230 per person

Saturday & Sunday the cost is £260 per person

Video Package is an extra £80 per person

What does the price include?

Our prices are fully inclusive, there are no hidden extras. All tandem jumps are from 13,500ft subject to weather limitations. The price also includes provisional membership of the British Parachute Association which provides third party liability insurance, and is required to jump in the UK.

Group discounts are available for groups larger than 4 – call us on 01949 860878 for details.

What facilities are there on site?

The parachute centre has a cafe (Open every weekend. Midweek opening may be limited off-season). There is a large grassy outdoor spectator area, and a clubhouse where you and your spectators can sit and watch the video of your jump on the big screen!

For further details of our tandem skydive packages, and what happens on the day, click here.