Top Tips for Tandem Skydiving

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Tandem Skydivers smiling at camera in freefall

So you’re booked on a tandem skydive, the day is approaching and the nerves are building. Here are some top tips for making your experience one to remember – for all the right reasons!


Yes, seriously. It’s easier said than done for some, but by reminding yourself the instructors here at Skydive Langar are some of the best in the business, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands. It’s normal to be nervous, you are about to jump out of an aircraft in flight after all! Embrace the nervous feeling, it’s part of the experience. Just don’t let your nerves get the better of you.

Tandem Skydivers smiling at camera in freefall

Eat Something

On the morning of your skydive you may not be feeling particularly hungry, but it is actually a good idea to eat something light. Adrenaline will be pumping through your system after a skydive and having an empty stomach could make you feel a little queasy. Your instructor will be forever grateful if you keep the contents of your stomach right where they belong!

Hurry Up & Wait!
Your booking time is your arrival time, not your jump time. Once you check in at reception you’ll have a 20 minute brief explaining everything you need to know and hopefully setting you at ease. We then need suitable weather conditions to be able to skydive safely. Occasionally the Great British weather can test us! Bring something to keep you entertained whilst you wait for the clouds to blow over.

Tandem Skydive in the UK

Dress for the Occasion
Even if it’s sunny and warm on the ground, it can get cold up at 13,500ft! So dig out your warm jumper. Ski socks are great at keeping your toes warm. Comfortable, loose clothing is the order of the day. Leave your best clothes at home, the dropzone can often be muddy so a pair of old trainers are perfect. It’s certainly not the place for heels and a dress!

Take Something Home to Remember
If you haven’t booked the video and stills package, don’t worry. You can request it on the day, subject to availability. One of our skilled skydiving videographers will film your jump and create an edit, along with a set of stunning photos for you to share with your friends and family. Trust us, once you see everyone else’s videos, you’ll wish you had it filmed.

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun – skydiving really is the ultimate buzz, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The Skydive Langar Team

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