Langar skydiver lands on unicorn

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You may have already seen this in the news and if you haven’t… where have you been?

A Skydive Langar staff member has secured nationwide fandom after landing on a unicorn – with the video being shared across news outlets and social media channels across the UK and beyond.

The skydiver in question is tandem instructor Jan Zackl, who performed the feat as part of our recent skydiving ‘festival’ called Boogie Two. Check out the video, from Jan’s perspective and the outside video, below:

Jan’s unicorn landing has received a lot of attention and it’s easy to see why! His reaction to making the direct hit is pure joy.

He wasn’t the only one to attempt the unicorn landing; check out this video for more hilarious attempts!

How did the unicorn landing stunt work?

So here’s the behind the scenes story behind the story…

The unicorn landing looks easy, but it’s actually the result of years and hundreds of skydives worth of practice. Jan who makes the perfect landing has made thousands of jumps and received a lot of coaching in how to fly his canopy so precisely.

The same is true of the other people who attempted it; they all had a minimum of 200 descents and had been fully trained and coached in precise canopy landings.

The unicorn and the slip and slide were part of an event here at Langar called Boogie Two, which is our annual skydiving ‘festival’ where we celebrate the main skydiving season with lots of fun and social activities plus tonnes of skydiving! Check out our YouTube channel to watch videos from Boogie 2.

Media enquiries

If you’re a member of the press hoping to use the videos or photos of the unicorn landing, or for interviews with Jan, please contact