What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

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Skydiving is one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have. And it’s unlike anything else in the world!

Because skydiving is so unique, it’s difficult to explain how it feels. But lots of people want to know so we’ll do our best to explain how skydiving feels here.

Is skydiving exciting?

Skydiving is definitely exciting! Imagine how you’re going to feel when that plane door opens, the wind starts rushing in and you move toward it, ready to jump out… It’s pretty exhilerating!

A lot of that excitement comes from the unknowns. While you will receive a full brief prior to your jump, the reality is that you haven’t felt what skydiving feels like before so it’s brand new. For many people, that’s the best part.

Will I feel nervous when I go skydiving?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous when you go skydiving. Those nerves usually come to the forefront in the door of the aircraft, or sometimes in the plane ride on the way up. Whenever the nerves start to kick in for you, it’s worth noting that they are totally understandable and most people feel them.

We typically find the best way to work with nerves is firstly to accept them and then, if you can, to embrace them! You only get to do your first jump once so these nerves may not return; enjoy them while they’re there, noting they’re all part of the experience. Taking a deep breath before exit followed by a big breath out on the way through the door will help to settle the nerves and remind you to breath throughout your jump.

Coached jump, by Matt

Is skydiving fun?

We love skydiving here at Skydive Langar and if you ask any of our staff or fun jumpers, they’ll tell you that it’s really good fun.

From the moment you arrive at the skydiving centre, you can expect to be surrounded by amazing people who are all here for one thing; to make amazing memories! The skydiving community is very welcoming so you’ll likely see lots of happy faces and fun handshakes in the plane just before exit.

It’s worth bearing in mind that skydiving isn’t necessarily just a one-off. Many of our tandem jumpers come back to learn to skydive by themselves and many of those people go on to do hundreds, if not thousands, of jumps with us. Skydiving is a fun, welcoming sport that’s filled with lots to learn and do.

What does skydiving feel like for experienced jumpers?

Experienced skydivers experience a whole array of emotions when they jump. For many, the nerves they felt on their very first jump are still there, though probably lessened or slightly different. Many are feeling excited and looking forward to practicing their skills or trying something new. Some are getting coaching, being trained by a more experienced jumper or participating in a competition and might be feeling some performance nerves around that.

What’s most notable about experienced skydivers is that no matter how they’re feeling for their jump, they all share handshakes and fist bumps before they exit to wish each other well. It’s a great community atmosphere and something you’ll see at skydiving centres across the world.

Time to experience skydiving for yourself?

If you’d like to experience what skydiving feels like for yourself, you can choose to book a tandem skydive, attached to an experienced skydiver, or a learn to skydive course. Both can be booked online now.