Why should you skydive? 5 reasons that will make you want to leap out that plane!

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1. Skydiving is a bucket list favourite

So, do you want to jump out a aeroplane? How many people do you know who have said their tandem skydive was “indescribable”, “lost for words”, “cant describe it”? Its a major bucket list contender that brings a feeling that you could never experience through videos, books or a blog.

2. Awesome instructors

You are bound to be nervous, its normal – you’re human. It would be very strange if you weren’t! That is why being attached to a highly qualified tandem instructor comes in very handy. This is their job and they LOVE it! So try to relax, let them do all the hard work and enjoy the ride.

From 14000ft you will look out and see the world from a whole other perspective. This time not from looking through an aircraft window with your refreshments, but sitting on the edge of the door!

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3. It’s more extreme than any roller-coaster!

“Do you feel like you’re falling?” and “does it feel like a roller-coaster?” are two very common questions and expectation of what people perceive skydiving to feel like. That sinking feeling in your stomach when you’re on ride is what most people are expecting to feel when the leave the plane. Surprisingly there is no sense of this, not even a sense of falling. Skydiving feels more like flying, floating through the air even when you are falling at average of 120mph!

4. You’ll never forget the buzz

Of course you’ll look and be a total bad-ass, but asides from the obvious adrenaline rush, how can something so ‘crazy’ bring so much peace and escapism? Whilst you are in free fall, not only the views that will take your breathe away, nothing in the world can ever come close to how this feels.

Whatever thoughts or worries you have been feeling totally escapes you. From the second you leave that plane to when you your feet are back on the ground, you aren’t thinking about any troubles, the nerves completely leave you. You are living in that very moment being a total rock star!

It is not just about the feeling you get during the skydive of the free fall and under the parachute, but also the feeling after once you have landed. You are on such a high, pumping with adrenaline wanting to shout it from the roof tops ‘I’ve just done a skydive!’.

Tandem skydive smiles

5. To raise money for an amazing charity

Maybe you are thinking of ways to raise money for a certain charity, skydiving is a great way to get them donations rolling on. Whether you want to skydive for a birthday, charity or to challenge yourself, it is a huge accomplishment and a day you will never forget.

So how about now? Do you want to come join us for the biggest thrill of your life?

If all else fails, do it for the gram!

Emily's first Tandem Skydive
Author Emily’s first Skydive – She loved it so much she did an AFF course and is now a licensed skydiver!