Melton Mowbray YFC at Skydive Langar

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The Young Farmers Club from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, came to visit us here at Skydive Langar this week as part of their aim to learn more about what’s happening on land around their local area.

The group, which comprised twenty 14-21 year olds plus their supervisor Rachel, came over on Tuesday evening and were welcomed to Langar Airfield by a group of Skydive Langar’s staff – including skydiving instructors, ground crew and Ben, the pilot (who gained the nickname ‘Maverick’!).

An evening with the Melton Mowbray Young Farmers

We had so much fun welcoming the Young Farmers to Langar where we had a variety of activities planned for them including:

  • A presentation including videos and photos all about the history of the airfield and the skydiving we do here
  • An introduction to the skydiving equipment, including taking a parachute out and learning all about how to fly it
  • A lesson on skydiving body positions, to the point where all participants are able to make the stable body position, which is the foundation of a successful jump
  • A look around the skydiving planes, where the group got to sit inside our Cessna Grand Caravan “Papa Sierra” (including flashing the lights, fun!)

At the start of the evening, the group agreed it was ‘maybe’ something they’d like to try; by the end, everyone was keen to jump out of a plane (once they’re old enough, of course).

Speaking of the evening, supervisor Rachel told us:

“Thank you. Wow! What’s great time!! An amazing presentation and tour, thank you to you and everyone else tonight. The evening started with one or two members saying they’d like to try skydiving 🪂 but by the end of the evening nearly everyone wanted a go! I never thought such a wide age range can take part. What little gem of a place we have on our doorstep and never knew! I’ll be calling in to the cafe next time we’re passing to watch.”

Why do we welcome local groups to Langar Airfield?

It’s important to us that our local neighbours feel comfortable stopping by the airfield and aware of what happens here. We know we play a role in the local community and for us, a big part of that is helping to educate people on what happens here and how we do it.

We regularly welcome groups from local scouts and cubs to Young Farmers to aviation enthusiasts and more. Plus, many local cyclists and even passing families looking for a nice place to sit and enjoy the sights will stop by and grab a coffee or lunch from on our site Ripcord Cafe.

If you’d like to stop by, you’re welcome, we’re open until 8pm every evening, weather permitting. If you’re part of a group that would like to arrange a visit, please email in the first instance.