Skydiver Dan Guest on BBC Breakfast

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dan guest bbc breakfast

Skydiver Dan Guest has appeared on BBC Breakfast today, talking about his new British record – and how he beat his own dad to do it! Last week, we were thrilled to support Skydive Langar sponsored athlete Dan Guest – and his friends Mikey Lovemore, Elise Sharp, Martin Roberson and James Round – in completing an incredible 60 jumps in a day, 9 more than Dan’s … Read More

New British Record: 60 Skydives in One Day

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british skydiving record

Congratulations to Dan Guest, Martin Roberson, Elise Sharp, Mikey Lovemore and James Round who set a new British skydiving record yesterday (12/6/2024) when they completed 60 jumps in one day. The record attempt was planned and prepared for well in advance and when the day came, we were ready! With a dedicated Cessna 206 aircraft and their own pilot, a dedicated landing area and a dedicated … Read More

Melton Mowbray YFC at Skydive Langar

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melton young farmers langar

The Young Farmers Club from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, came to visit us here at Skydive Langar this week as part of their aim to learn more about what’s happening on land around their local area. The group, which comprised twenty 14-21 year olds plus their supervisor Rachel, came over on Tuesday evening and were welcomed to Langar Airfield by a group of Skydive Langar’s staff – … Read More

Skydiving Display into Cropwell Butler

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skydiving display cropwell butler

We had a brilliant time jumping into Sheldon Field in Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire last night. Our skydiving display team – known as the Super Secret Skydiving Stunt Squad – was led by Josh Carratt. 14 of us jumped into the cricket field, which was well attended by local residents who came to watch, enjoy and very kindly cheer us on. Here’s a video of the jump, … Read More

Skydive Display into Rectory Farm

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skydiving display rectory farm

We were very grateful this week to be welcomed into Rectory Farm near Newark for our first staff display jump of the season. Display skydives, also known as ‘demos’, are jumps into a new site outside of our usual landing area. In this case, we jumped into this local farm which also has a grass runway – meaning our skydivers and our planes were able to … Read More

Skydiving Displays: What are they and why do we do them?

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skydiving display

Last night, members of the Skydive Langar team made a jump into local town Bingham to land in the Bingham Rugby Club. Local residents came out to watch and we were able to entertain them by flying around the skies with coloured fog and landing right in front of them, on the rugby pitch. We like to do these ‘display jumps’ from time to time, and … Read More

What is a Skydiving Boogie?

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boogie bigway

If you’ve spent any time on the drop zone, it’s likely you’ve heard excited voices talking about Boogies… but what exactly is a Boogie? Here’s everything you need to know. What happens at a Boogie? A Boogie is essentially a skydiving festival. A Boogie typically has even more jumping with even more organised jumps, too. There are usually more parties and more social activities going on … Read More

Langar Zoogie!

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langar zoogie

Lockdown regulations may have kept us at home for a while, but that didn’t stop us bringing together a few hundred of our skydiving friends for an all day (and all night!) online Boogie – the Zoogie! Check out all the videos from the day, plus some extra resources, here: Ally Milne: A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Tracking Ally has been skydiving and instructing … Read More

4way Team Rates 2018

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5 skydivers exit the aircraft

This year Langar is proud to present our new Blackhawk caravan upgrade, and to make the most of it we’re offering great deals on team training rates throughout the season! The best rates can be had by joining us midweek on our ‘team weeks’. Standard rate for pre-booked teams during these weeks is just £90 per team jump, a saving of £20 for a 4-way team on … Read More

Reasons Not To Do A 4-way Season

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The 2018 skydiving season is fast approaching, we’re all fantasising about those long summer days and wearing one layer under our jumpsuits. Do you have any plans for your 2018 jumping? Have you thought about a 4-way team? No? Maybe you’re unsure what’s next because you only got your FS1 recently, or you did rookie last season but your team has canned it. When we chat … Read More

Angry Birds – Wingsuit Nationals 2017

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2 Wingsuiters skydive above Langar

May Bank Holiday weekend saw the UK Wingsuit Performance and Acrobatic Nationals take place at Skydive Netheravon, and Langar was proudly represented by the ‘Angry Birds’ Wingsuit Team. With the Nationals being so early in the season it was difficult to find suitable weather weekends to train, especially with one of the team, Ellie, studying abroad. However we were incredibly lucky to be blessed with a … Read More

Skydive Langar is officially the place to be in 2017!

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10 Skydivers smiling in the plane

We think Skydive Langar is one of the best places in the world to experience our incredible sport – but don’t just take our word for it! We’re featured on a list of the top 10 dropzones in Europe. Check out the list here. Whether you’re taking your first steps, doing a tandem skydive for charity, learning to skydive with us on one of our solo training courses, or joining us … Read More

Skydive Langar Team Profiles – Angry Birds Wingsuit Team

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British Parachute Association Wingsuit Team

The ‘Angry Birds Wingsuit Team’ is an acrobatic wingsuit team, consisting of Jonathan Charles and Ellie Marshall as performers and Ollie Ellis as the camera flyer. The team was founded in late 2016, with combined aims of wanting to push the boundaries of acrobatic wingsuit flying, to encourage participation in wingsuiting and to hopefully win a couple of medals along the way! JC has a history of … Read More

2017 is shaping up to be a busy year!

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Skydive Langar is the place to be this coming season! If you’re into formation skydiving, freeflying, wingsuiting, or developing your canopy skills we have you covered. There will be events for everyone, ranging from high level skills camps to low level walk up groups. Here is a small selection of what we have in store… 2017 is our 40th Anniversary. There will be events throughout the … Read More

6 Way FS Competition

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6 Way Points Diagram

On the 1st and 2nd of April FS team Chimera will be running a 6 way competition here at Skydive Langar. A few years ago the 6 way competition was a regular feature on our calendar, so we’re hoping to restore it in all its glory, but to achieve that we need you! To give you a head-start, we’re publishing the 6 way divepool so you … Read More

Skydive Langar Team Profiles – Chimera

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Skydive Langar is proud to sponsor FS4 team Chimera. Formed in 2016, Chimera comprises five local jumpers who all call Langar their home DZ – with four out of the five having trained here from day 1. As our sponsored team, Chimera is on hand to provide coaching, organising and advice for aspiring through to advanced formation skydivers. Chimera regularly host events at Langar; check out … Read More

Skydive Langar Team Profiles – 4mula

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4 way skydive team

2017 sees Langar-sponsored 4way Formation Skydiving team 4mula heading into the season aiming big – they want the British National crown, and that prized slot at next year’s World Meet in Gold Coast, Australia. Former World Champion Joey Jones, player-coach extraordinaire, continues with the team for the fourth season, helping deliver British National silver medals in 2015 and 2016. With over 25 years in the sport, he’s seen it … Read More

Tips to improve your canopy flight

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2 Parachute Jumpers

Canopy flight is a lot like summer football mania. Some people absolutely love it, and can’t get enough, whilst others just want it to be over as quick as possible. Whichever camp you fall into, here are some simple tips to help improve your experience under canopy and keep everyone safe! Have a plan Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! In any aviation activity, it … Read More

Did you know Skydive Langar has a display team?

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Skydiving display team

Did you know Skydive Langar has a display team? The display team consists of National Champions, National medal holders, current members of the National teams and both World and National record holders, with a combined total jump numbers of over 30,000 skydives between them, all flying high performance parachutes with expert skill. Yesterday the team jumped into the John Deere 50th anniversary celebrations, as a thanks … Read More