New British Female Head Down Skydiving Record

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British Head Down Female Record by Andrew Ford

Female skydivers have set a new British record for the largest number of women to participate in a successful head-down formation jump here at Skydive Langar.

Female head down record, by Andrew Ford

The skydive required the women to jump out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet and then fly together in a ‘head down’ position – meaning their heads were the lowest part of their body, in an ‘upside down’ manner – to build a shape by holding onto one another’s arms.

The group set two new records this weekend, one for the largest head down female formation with 12 people, the other for the largest total break sequential head down formation with 10 people making two ‘points’ while travelling at speeds exceeding 130mph.

The record was organised by world record holders Hannah Parker and Elise Sharp. It took a total of 5 jumps to achieve the records.

We’re very proud to have hosted this new record and thank Hannah, Elise and their team for giving us the opportunity to do so. Skydiving is such a huge passion for all of us and it’s fantastic to see boundaries being pushed and new achievements being made right here at our drop zone. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The event was overseen by British Skydiving, the governing body for skydiving in the UK which confirmed the new record. It was judged and verified by an all female judging team, led by Lucy Westgarth.


Elise Sharp
Hannah Parker
Elizabeth Ashley
Lorene Latour
Karen Whitehouse
Ellie Marshall
Eve Mason
Sophie Smithells
Becky Stevens
Antonia Lock
Reka Szots
Kim Van De Horst
Melanie Oldham

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