Winter Webinar: Ewan Cowie – Flying Camera for Skydiving

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ewan cowie winter webinar

Ewan Cowie is known for his incredible skydiving photography both in the sky and on the ground. Camera flyerfor world champions ‘Airwax’, British champions ‘QFX’, world records like Project 19, the Jetman project, official photographer for the Wind Games and so, so much more. He joined Laura Hampton for a chat all about flying camera for skydiving. Watch the full interview here: Useful links

Winter Webinar: Elise Sharp – Freefly Bigway

Skydive LangarFreefly and Artistics

elise sharp freefly bigway

Elise is a highly accomplished skydiver with a number of championships and records under her belt. In this insightful talk, she shared an overview of what freefly bigway is, how Project 19 went and how you can get into it yourself. Thank you Elise!

Winter Webinar: Andy Malchiodi – Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS)

Skydive LangarExperienced Skydivers, Freefly and Artistics

andy malchiodi mfs

We welcomed 12 time US National Champion and one time World Champion Andy Malchiodi to talk to us about Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS) – the discipline which combines all axes of flying including head up, head down, belly and back to earth. Find out why he loves it so much, why it’s so popular in the USA and how you can get into it here: In … Read More

New British Female Head Down Skydiving Record

Skydive LangarFreefly and Artistics

British Head Down Female Record by Andrew Ford

Female skydivers have set a new British record for the largest number of women to participate in a successful head-down formation jump here at Skydive Langar. The skydive required the women to jump out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet and then fly together in a ‘head down’ position – meaning their heads were the lowest part of their body, in an ‘upside down’ manner – … Read More

Tips for Putting Together a Freefly Team for Nationals

Chris CookExperienced Skydivers, Freefly and Artistics

Skydive Langar is proudly hosting the Artistic Skydiving Nationals for the first time ever at the end of September, and so we thought it would be a good idea to take some time and explain what ‘Artistics’ actually means, and why all Langar’s freeflyers should think about taking part. Freefly and Freestyle Essentially the difference between the disciplines boils down to the number of performers. Freestyle … Read More

What is Wingsuiting?

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Wingsuiting is something a lot of our students ask us about. Sometimes referred to as ‘squirrel suits’, wingsuits are jumpsuits that allow skydivers to fly for longer in the sky using their ‘wings’. Skydive Langar is home of the British Wingsuiting National Championships for 2022, taking place this weekend. The purpose of this post is to give you an introduction to the discipline and tell you … Read More

British Freefly and Freestyle National Championships 2021: Results

Skydive LangarExperienced Skydivers, Freefly and Artistics

We are very proud to have hosted the 2021 British Freefly and Freestyle (Artistics) National Championships. Here are the final scores. Thank you so much to everyone who attended and who helped to make the event great. Fancy joining in next time? Check out Chris Cook’s blog post explaining the rules and some top tips to put together your freefly / freestyle team. Freefly A Team … Read More