Skydivers set new British formation skydiving record at Skydive Langar

Skydive LangarFormation Skydiving

Skydivers at Langar set a new British record this week for the biggest ever sequential formation dive to take place in the UK – and then broke their own record two jumps later.

British formation skydiving record – video by Andrew Ford, cover photo by Alex Potter

41 jumpers combined to create two consecutive shapes in the sky – the largest number of Brits ever to do so. Two jumps later, they formed three consecutive formations and in doing so, broke their own record.

The record took three jumps to complete and included British national champions, world champions, world record holders, coaches and skydive instructors who jumped from three aircraft flying side by side at 15,000 feet.

Formation skydiving is one of the first skills learned once someone earns their skydiving licence. It refers to the practice of falling belly to earth and taking hold of one another to create shapes, all while falling at speeds of around 120mph for up to 1 minute.

We’re very proud to be part of this new record and pushing the discipline of formation skydiving forward. Thank you to everyone involved and who made it happen.

The new official record was set on 12th July 2023 and was overseen by British Skydiving, the national body for sport parachuting in the UK at Skydive Langar in Nottinghamshire. The event was filmed and photographed by Andrew Ford, Alex Potter and Gary Wainwright and organised by Will Cooke, Phil Curtis and Laura Hampton.