Skyvan Boogie 2024

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Thank you to everyone who came along to jump the Skyvan here at Skydive Langar. It was so much fun to have so many of you here to enjoy this awesome plane and, thanks to the exra capacity and tailgate door, we were able to make some big formations and exciting movement groups.

Here’s an edit by Anna Devoy; thank you to all who made and submitted footage.

What makes the Skyvan so special

The Skyvan is an iconic plane. With a declining number left in the world, jumping a Skyvan is a real privalege and we wanted to bring that opportunity to the Langar community.

The Skyvan can take up to 24 people, which makes it the perfect aircraft for larger formations. That, plus the rear exit door, means that the Skyvan is a popular choice for world record attempts.

Most of them reside in the USA now, while some are in Europe, including the Pink Skyvan, which spends most of its time in Klatovy, Czechia.

What we did at the Skyvan Boogie

The Skyvan Boogie was so much fun and, in spite of some tricky weather forecasts, we were thrilled to see so many of you here to enjoy it with us.

Many of the jumpers were here purely to have fun, and made their own plans for their jumps. Some were part of organised groups and we’re very grateful to those who load organised: Matt Cumming (FS), Brian Cumming (FS), James Moran (TR/FF) and Ally Milne (TR/FF). Thank you also to our official camera flyers: Chris Cook, Pete Harries and Jodie-Leigh Foster.

With the FS groups, it was great to see skydivers making some really cool formations with the additional numbers and the faster builds facilitated by the Skyvan’s tailgate exit. Brian’s group did a lot of dynamic FS, moving around the sky and coordinating some really fun and intricate choreography. In Matt’s group, the focus was more on turning points, and the 22 ways were consistently building multiple points.

Over in the TR/FF groups, it was thrilling to see so many people flying in formation, with everyone working hard to stay in slot and produce some impressive angles. Further to that, they were breaking into smaller groups toward the lower end of their jumps to freefly.

Thank you to everyone who came along; we look forward to seeing you all back at Langar again soon.