Langar League

Do you fancy winning free EXP jump tickets?

Want to build your FS or FF skills?

Then our monthly Langar League is for you!

How it works

Each month, we'll post a draw on this page, one for FS, one for FF. The draws will also be posted on our social channels. You'll need yourself plus two people to take part.

For FS, we can judge your jump using inside footage - meaning one of the three of you will wear a camera and submit the footage from that - or you can use outside footage, though do bear in mind there are only 3 jump tickets up for grabs in this competition.

For FF, two of you will perform the draw while a third will film it - mimicking how Freefly National Competitions work.

You can make the jump as many times as you like, and submit your best attempt. The team that gets the most points wins a jump ticket each. You will also earn a huge amount of glory, with your team name being recorded on our League Table here and shouted across our social channels!

October Draw

Formation Skydiving (FS) - 3 way judged on inside camera (add outside camera if you like but not required)

Sidebody (P) - Phalanx (Q) - Donut (J)

Top tips from Alola, who are training at Langar for the World Cup in Voss later this year:
Try launching the P, when moving between the points keep thinking about where the centre of the formation is, try to keep a reference whilst out facing and be mindful of backing up in to the J as this will make it turn.

Head Up Freeflying (FF) - 2 way judged on outside camera

Single Grip Hand to Hand - 360 Turn Around the Vertical Axis - Single Grip Hand to Foot

Top tips from Omni, reigning 4 way VFS National Champions:
For both single grips, one person should try and stay still and present their grip in clean air. The other person should move to them.

You can find both draws on our Facebook group and the 3 way FS dive pool here. We are working on an FF image based dive pool (message Laura if you have one!).

Competition Rules

  • You have a set amount of time to score as many points as possible - 35 seconds for FS, 30 for FF
  • The time starts from the moment you exit the aircraft; you will jump from max altitude
  • The jumps will be judged and scores announced via our Facebook group 'Langar Skydivers'; scores will be shared as and when they come in and if yours isn't high enough, you're welcome to try again
  • The cut off for submission is midnight on the last day of the month; jumps will then be judged and winners announced by the third day of the next month
  • The winning team in each discipline is awarded a jump ticket each, which is added to their Burble account. There are 3 tickets up for grabs in each discipline - so if you elect to use an outside camera flyer for FS, only 3 out of the 4 of you will get a ticket
  • The judges' decisions are final
  • In the event of a tie, the team which scores the final point fastest will be named the winner.

You must be safe on your jump. Any jump considered unsafe will not be eligible to win; this decision lies with the judges.

Who can take part?

  • To take part in the FS competition, you need FS1. You do NOT need FS1+
  • To take part in the FF competition, you need FF1; there will be no moves which require anything other than those you are allowed to do with FF1
  • To film, either internally or externally, you need C licence, a proper camera brief and the necessary equipment

Submitting your footage

Please submit your footage to You are welcome to provide this via Smash, WeTransfer or similar file sharing platforms. Where possible, please edit the footage down to show from the point of exit to break off.

Please provide a team name along with your footage, as well as the names of all participants.

Good luck!