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Chimera Skydiving Team

Skydive Langar sponsored 4-way team Chimera begin their second year together in 2017 – after a solid first year with a 16.1 point average at the British National Championships, they will be hoping coach Katie Woods (formerly British National Champion with Satori, and World medallist with Canadian national team Evolution) can take them the next step to the podium.

Chimera Skydiving Team

The team are just back from the Wind Games 2017 tunnel competition in Empuriabrava, Spain, where they were the top British team with a 22.5 point average. Previously they have competed at the World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, gaining a 20.8 average, so things are already progressing nicely!

Check out some of Chimera’s flying at the Wind Games 2017…

This summer Chimera are anticipating heading to the Skydiving World Cup in Germany. They’ll be honing their skills jumping at Langar and as far afield as Eloy, Arizona, as well as continuing to train in the wind tunnel at Twinwoods Adventure (formerly Bodyflight Bedford). So who are the team?

Laura Hampton flies in the Outside Centre slot, and has previously been a part of the Enigma project, learning AAA 4way on a minimal budget and passing the skills on to junior teams with a ‘squad’ appearing on the circuit during 2011 and 2012. She now has over 1000 jumps and can usually be found around the dropzone jumping or packing to make those extra pennies for team training!

Big Way skydive in the UK

Sarah Ashworth, formerly of Chatteris-based Chatter Chicks, flies Point in Chimera. Sarah can usually be found doing a variety of FS jumping at Langar, as well as the occasional spot of freeflying.

James Woods is the team’s Inside Centre, previously competing with ACM who were looking like a formidable team until an injury in training hampered their performance. James works with Chris coaching and organising tunnel events like the popular tunnel scrambles – for more details keep an eye on the Chimera Facebook page!

Chris Judd flies Tail, and formerly flew with Laura and James in Lowabusa, and James in Hyrrokkin. He now works at Skydive Langar as an AFF and tandem instructor, as well as doing camera work and FS coaching.

Matt Willson is Chimera’s cameraman, and as a previous 4 way competitor himself he is well placed to capture the magic as it happens. Matt used to work in manifest at Skydive Langar and is a Category System Instructor.

Chimera members will be around the dropzone all season, organising FS events and coaching. To follow and support the team, head to their Facebook page here.